Show us your builds!


I was fortunate enough to get a beta 2".
Please report back, can’t wait :blush:


If you experience vibrations, ditch the props. I like using gemfan 2035’s instead.


I have a new build I’m going start very soon.

Here is a short video about the parts that I chose for the build.

1s Micro Brushless BWhoop 05


Rotorx Atom 5"frame with V3 guts, and T-motor 1407 motors, Swift Mini… First pass, hot off the bench, likely to make changes.

…and second pass:


You’re not wasting any time, @burtlo!

Looking at the 5" Atom with those giant props, it reminds me of the V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor that we sometime see around here. The oversize props seem totally out of place. But the damn things do fly! :wink:


It’s a nice “update” to my broken Min5. @Worgzy says this version isn’t ready for prime time, breaks too easily, but is still fun for LOS. I’m ready to maiden my first 4S batt. #giggity

Shuffling lots of bits, so much to upgrade. I’m in little pig heaven.


New 1106 build. Hovers at 15% throttle on 3S. Can’t wait to maiden it! (Only hovered it)


Picnic quads polycarbonate 80mm frame
Eachine FLF3 evo flight controller
Insane 0720 motors from Kados MM
Kingkong 45mm 3blade propellers
TX01S aio camera
Tiny whoop canopy

I wanted to make a powerful whoop style quad. I tested those props in a 8520 100mm build. It was too heavy, but the props performed awesome and they’re very silent, so i went for something light. The canopy doesn’t fit terribly well, but it does the job. Hope not to break it at first crash…

Only tested it indoors and it seems to have power, but it’s too hot now and motors and battery got very very hot. Tonight i’ll test it outdoors and hope it’s not going to get that hot.

It would be lighter but wanted to protect connections so it has lots of hot glue. Specially in the camera. Those TX01s cameras are great but they always break in the wire connections. Also camera is fitted to the canopy with some more hot glue


My new 2.5"ish build:

My findings

  • This 2.5-3 inch frame is way better for carying this weight than a 2" build with same gear @ 60g dry
  • BF 3.2.0 is awesome, ran stock PIDs along with new features. No oscillations even on 3s!
  • Dry weight 65g
  • 6-7 minutes vigorous flight with nanotech 2s 25c 950mah @ 48g
  • 3-4 minutes very fast flying with nanotech 3s 65c 450mah @ 40g
  • 3-4 minutes gentle flying on a nanotech 2s 65c 300mah @ 18g - so floaty!
  • Props are agressive but well balance and durable

Have 2 brushless micros I’m really pleased with now - this 2.5" @ 65g and 2" @ 43g. The bigger props make such a difference, the little 2" ones are so sensitive to weight.


That’s funny! I just got a build going on that frame last night. I’d been given the frame and chucked the packaging and was wondering what it was called.
Nice to hear it flies well!


A good little frame - really thick bottom plate could have been 0.5mm thinner for weight but hard to complain. I’ve got the fly egg 130 frame as well. It looks awesome but 5g heavier. If it had been a 125mm frame I could have fit 3" props without trimming but again, small quibbles. Build it and share man!


if only i could double like this!!!

i cant believe it, great minds think alike! :smiley: Ive been flying those same props on a 8520 set up (15200kv) and been running hot motors and puffy bats but the performance is so ultra fast whoop-like, and they are SO QUIET i just cant help but love flying that set up. this is totally inspiring me to try this out now!!! Sounds like itll be way more efficient! and that poly carb frame is bad to the bone! :smiley: AND a buzzer! so inspired!!!


My 0720 ducted setup liked those props quite a bit, seems like 0720 is good for them.


So glad it served as an inspiration to you. After trying the props on the 8520 build and noticed it so heavy, i thought that 0720 motors could handle those props very well, and i had a set of 0720 insane motors from Kados MM, so higher kv than the 8520 racerstar motors, and in a build 10-15gr lighter. That sounded just awesome.

And it is awesome, power is just great, but as a result i’m getting less than 2min flight times, and freaking hot motors and lipo. You just can’t touch them, they burn. So now i’m thinking about downgrading motors to stock syma x5c 0720 motors that i have lying around. I’ll loose power, but i’ll gain motors and lipos lifetime…

And about props, you’re right, these props give you a lot of accuracy in every maneuver, and they’re so silent, but i think they’re too short for a 8520 heavy build


is it a custom 3d printed frame? or did you find some other option? I was looking for a ducted frame for 0720 motors and 45mm props, but didn’t find anything, that’s why i used picnic quads 80mm frame. Tiny 7 has just 40mm props, and i think those extra 5mm make a difference


Yeah 3d printed. I was using syma x5c motors, I think you’ll like the combo.


agreed, definitely too short of a prop for that motor. It would be awesome if they relesaed a version that was a BIT longer. lol

Very interesting to hear your experience so far with switching to a 7mm set up.

As hot as my 8520 15200kv motors get with those props, and as puffy as my lipos get, they arent blazing hot and cool down shortly This set up gives me 3 minutes of flight time at 42g craft weight without lipo. (lipo will puff a bit and be hot, and then unpuff as it cools down, i always let it cool down for 2 hours afterwards to be safe lol)

I tried putting those triblades on the mmw dark 18s, the performance was supreme as usual with those motors but the props were roasting the motors and batteries far too much, and flight times were about 2 minutes. so it was no where near as efficient, and felt like it was doing more damage to my motors and batteries than it was worth.

I decided to stick with 15200kv for 8mm motors and those triblades to give me the max amount of KV without getting TOO hot on motors and batteries. Of course I’m sure lower KV like 14000 or so would be even better as far as temperature efficiencies and flight times go but then the flying experience would probably become more lame.

do you off the top of your head know the KV on the 7mm motors u had tried from kados? that way i can try a lower KV to avoid roasting my batteries and motors, but have a decent starting point for finding that perfect KV for 7mm and those triblade props! I really want to try to give 7mm motors a shot!

would be nice to squeeze 3 minutes out of a 7mm set up with triblades without roasting batteries or motors. :smiley: but still have acceptable flight performance!


The 7mm motors i tried from Kados are these:

They’re 18000kv, and now i see they are cheaper now than when i bought them some weeks ago…

Now i don’t have some intermediate 7mm motors. Only have very fast or syma x5c motors, so when i have some time i’m just going to change to the x5c motors to see how it does. With kados’s motors it was drawing tooooooo much current from the battery. At this level i’m just about saving motors and lipos, even if it’s a worst fpv experience… I guess that this experience teaches me that if you really want power, you must invest money in a really good lipo battery and motors, otherwise go to brushless, because you’ll be spending lots of money anyways and is there where the real power is. And in the future i will try to avoid insane speed brushed motors, and keep it in “fast” or “intermediate”. So… Yeah, try to find that sweet spot when you have fun but don’t ruin your gear in 5 minutes

And yes, from my experience shorter props give you accuracy and responsiveness. So, for example, in self leveling mode, you move the stick and the thing moves. You release the stick and it stops. Bigger props gives you thrust, but there’s a lot of drifting when you release the stick, and you have to correct your direction much more agressively. For me, those kingkong 45mm triblades were just a test so i can get somewhere in the middle. I also wish for a bigger triblade

It would be great to know how your setup works, please give some feedback! I will do the same when i do the change to x5c motors


Oh, and by the way. After just a few batteries of insane power, my camera doesn’t work… It was a new one… :disappointed_relieved:


Finally changed the kados motors for the syma x5c. Don’t like it. Yes, more flight time, and motors less hot, but battery is still getting too hot, and way less power that with the kados motors. I had another quad (wich i lost) with 7mm motors and that 240mah battery (ladybird props) and it performed very well, so i don’t know what am i missing here.

Also broke the canopy last night. Didn’t like it, anyway, because i wasn’t able to get less tilt on the camera, it was something between 20 and 30 degrees, and that’s too much for what i’m used to, and specially for the poor power it has now.

Still don’t know what i’m going to do with this build. Maybe try different props, different fc board… I’ll keep experimenting with it…