Show us your builds!


Here’s today’s mash up.

A Speck85 frame with a repurposed canopy and fx798 mullet.
A dead piko blx resurrected with a new F3, a dead 12A 4in1 esc, new caps sorted that.
DYS1102 10000kv motors and Gemfan 2035 quadblades.

Liking these props and the piko running d-shot600 and Betaflight 3.2.
Dynamic notch on and all other filters off, motors come down cool and I’m running quite high P and low D.


I knocked off 2 builds in a few days… well one rebuild. The purple one is a babyhawk rebuild


Here’s a rebuild of my X2 ELF 88mm:
Previously with DYS 1102 10000kV and a Racerstar 6A 4-in-1, but the motors didn’t handle the extra weight of the micro swift very well…

Coming in around 66g, it’s not exactly a light weight.

X2 Elf 88mm frame
Lizard 1104 6000kV motors
Racerstar Dark 18A 4-in-1 ESC
Gemfan 2035 props
FrSky XM+ Receiver
Runcam MicroSwift FPV Cam
Eachine VTX03
Emax Femto FC

I had to use those yellow frame savers because I didn’t have 4mm screws for the motors and longer screws would touch the windings. The only solution I had on hand was to mount these as spacers and use 6mm screws.


It looks fast! How does it fly?


I only maidened it so for on 3s. It was definitely peppy and flew great but the motors were HOT. It’s been around 40° C here.
I haven’t had a chance to properly tune it yet.


It’s probably hot because of the weather. A better tune usually results in cooler motors. Anyways it looks really good!


My lizard motor ELF build is pretty similar in weight. I soft mounted FC and motors. With BF 3.2 dynamic filters and notches off I can run these motors on 4s - they are certainly not cold, but not untouchable hot. The bearings seem to dislike my experiments. I used the same ESC and unfortunately it became super unreliable over the last days (motor 3 ESC reboot). I doubt it likes 4s too much. Right now rebuilding the machine with an even cheaper HAKRC 4in1. Nevertheless 40C ambient temperature is really too much. :wink:


Added Torrent prop guard to both my brushless. “Safe” indoor flying.


I’d like to do that with my Atom 83 as well.


Of course I love seeing your builds especially when it involves one of my dipped canopies … but the fact that it got matched up with so many repaired parts brings absolute joy to my heart!!! I love fixing stuff - it’s a labor of love that’s far beyond the monitory value of the parts in question. I’m honored to have a labor of my love in the air with yours!!


I’ll fly to that mate! (Would drink to it but it’s a bit early in the day lol)


Now I can call it a build right? Using a custom 3d printed plate to bolt between modified canopy and modified stock camera/receiver mount to hold the runcam split HD DVR board! I still flys good enough for some free style with the turnigy 450mah 3s. (Prototype version 1 of course) Nothing is soft mounted… Anxiously awaiting review of footage…


Hey guys just finished my first brushless quad build only taken me one day which was unexpected. It is my second build ever as I have previously built a brushed micro quad. The one I have just made is based off a FT Gremlin of my design running off a emax f3 Femto. Emax 5250kv brushless motors. a dsmx reciver. 4 12A emax bullet ESCs and my sunfounder fpv cam haven’t weighed it yet but I’ll get back with the weight tommoro. The frame Includes a camera mount which puts it on a 15° tilt and keeps the camera still and secure with no glue.



Please let me know if you want the STL files and I can send them to you via email or I may share them on thin givers after I make a number of small modifications to the frame


So I may have jumped the gun on posting version one (canopy was just awful, what was left of it) , but version two is probably how it will stay. I did alot less cutting on the second canopy and cut alot more off the front of the mount so I could use the bracket included by Runcam.
The HD footage is mind blowing compared to what I’m used to seeing on my flights, but had some jello when not free falling. So I sandwiched an o-ring around motor mount screws between the frame and prop gards(:cold_sweat: I hope that does something) , and installed rubber grommets (from beecore fc) under the stack around screws in place of bottom spacers… it started raining before I got this version two wrapped up this evening so I don’t know if my soft mounts are soft enough :sweat:
I’m excited about it enough to share though!:grin:


I had another vision, and I’m very happy how it turned out! It was built more for aesthetics instead of actual flying, but it happens to actually fly great. I proudly present: the Tiny RS90™ :sunglasses:

Well its not really 90 anymore, I just downscaled the RS90 frame and make a couple of changes to allow for brushed 6mm motors. Dark editions to go with the black theme of coarse. :slight_smile:

To mount the motors I cut the motor mounts out of an E010 frame and just pressed the mounts in there. Under the hood is a Scisky mounted CW270 with the motor wires soldered in a crisscross way to the ‘normal’ pads so no messing with custom motor mixes. This required a bit of thinking. FPV system is a quanum elite VTX (from the AIO) and the 600tvl bg cam. E010 black props with 2 blades mounted inverted to the ‘wrong’ motor (because they are upside down). It all fit like a glove, well except for the standoffs which required some work and the weight is only ~20 gram (-ish, my cheap Chinese scale is having mental issues)

*just measured and it’s an RS60 now. Looks just like it’s bigger brother! (not a coincidence)

The standoffs are little pieces of 2mm carbon tube cut to lenght. I wouldn’t use this again, because even though I planned to cut them cleanly and not get carbon fiber dust all over the place, there was no stopping it as I had to force them into the holes there is bound to be carbon fibers / dust on my fingers and it feels itchy. Not good. Don’t do it.

But I just love how it looks next to the RS90… :heart_eyes:


Is that a 3d printed frame? That’s just awesome, man. I’m very proud of my straw frame, but i feel like a little child doing some handicraft compared to that. So nice to see how many possibilities those little motors have. Impressive work!


Yes, I love my 3D printer. The fact I can come up with something and make it a reality the same day is awesome. I’m the kind of person that wants to obsessively finish what I have started. I don’t like projects that take multiple days, I want to finish it in one go… that’s why I like to build these small whoop like thingies… hehe :slight_smile:


Newest member of the fleet. Can’t wait to get out and fly!