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Speaking of spare parts, fellas
While I’m building up my alien bl
I found an old cc3d atom, remember those?
Well I flashed to CF, and am putting it on a bobo 95.
I’ll keep you posted😁


Let me introduce my last mount
Frame: Eachine Firer 110
Motors: DYS BE1104 7500KV
Props: Gemfan 2035
VTX: FX798T (moded for OSD vin/vout)

It weight arround 69 grs with the 2035 props

I have only flew it once on 2S 500 mAh 75C (total AUW = 103 grs) but without any E-Clip on motors 1 + 2 :star_struck:
I had previoulsy a crash with the older frame hat I destroyed but I never saw that these 2 were missing…
(you can see the maiden without E-Clips here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDZhSKS1EX8)


My last build. Its my first build with osd and a separated receiver. Found it very easy to assemble and configure. Didn’t reflash the board. Just tested it a while ago and broke one motor after just 3 batteries…

90mm frame from Banggood
Realacc F3 v1.0 osd fc board
FS A8S receiver
8520 racerstar black motors (originally, but broke one and now it has a set of syma x5 7mm motors -only motors available for now-)
Picnic quads 60mm props
Lots of hot glue

This carbon frame can mount 8,5mm motors directly to the carbon frame, but it’s a really tight fit, and that causes scratches on the metal, and its very easy to open the plastic bottom cap if you’re not very careful. So i found the 7mm motors with the rubber ring are better mounted.

I like the osd feature a lot, but i have to find what’s a healthy volt range for my batteries. When giving throttle it can easily drop under 3v…


I received mine with 2 bad FETS - though replaced them and got it working great, now whenever I plug in a battery, the RF motor blips on for a second. Aside from that, it’s a nice FC -Very smooth flying, but I disabled the OSD because it’s a little resource pig, and except for tuning thru OSD, I find it very laggy/latent and utterly useless in a <50g brushed quad. Nice to see the voltage, though not worth the power consumption hit.

I had the same issue - after disabling the OSD, I get a solid +3min on 65mm props and (Fast) motors using 500mah batteries. I personally think the voltage/current detection on these boards are not really reliable, so I don’t use it.


I don’t know about the range of error of voltage metering in this board. I’ll take some references with a multitester to see how accurate it is, at least when zero throttle. Don’t have a reference also about power comsumption of the osd. i’m used to 2:30, 3min flight times in other builds, and i’m confident it can get 3 minutes with a 500mah battery

And about the latency, i thought about that, but didn’t notice anything. That may be just that i’m not an experienced pilot. For now i’ll keep using it, that’s something new for me :slight_smile:


My little rat rod.

I wanted something quieter for indoors and already had spare FC, VTX, and RX. So I brought a set of Racerstar 1103B 8000kv, a 10A 4 in 1 and the cheapest frame I could find from my local website (next day delivery!)

The prop guard ended up being aluminum and still had sharp edges. So to protect the walls and floor, I just wrapped them up with fighter’s tape.

I scavenged an extra long wifi antenna cable and it just seems to stay in that shape. Also added an 8 led bar, because why not.

Funfact: 20 gauge silicon-wire casing is the perfect size for M2 standoff mounts. Home made soft mounts!

It heavy, ugly and already dirty, but hovers below 50 and can take a beating. Everything I need.


Not actually done yet, and using old parts (blheli 14.9 is the most recent firmware the escs can run… oh and while they say oneshot125 on them they don’t seem to like anything but pwm!), but we already had the parts so what the hell?

210 frame, “Micro F4 20x20” cloned from something Omnibus F4 FC, PDB that came with the frame, Hobbymate 2204 2300(?)kv motors, Hobbymate 15a ESCs (which call themselves Blueseries 12a…), will have a FRSKY RX of the next step up from XM+ (diversity and telemetery and 1.5km range!), plus whatever AIO camera/vtx I hot glue in for now. Eventually a swift/microswift and an eachine 25/200/600mw VTX I forget the name of.


It actually flies now! My 550mah 3s batteries don’t appreciate it much (no surprise there), and while the 850mah 2s deals with it well enough there isn’t an amazing amount of thrust (no surprise there either), but it does fly!

322g no battery, seems heavy, but my cost is minimal so whatever.


Not a quad, but I thought I’d share. Used my old 007 goggles and made them into something new (now I have fatsharks, so I didn’t want the old goggles to collect dust). Used cardboard from a shoebox, and some hotglue! Wired a DVR to it so I can record footage. It’s been put through countless hours of use and tons of travelling (Kinda abused it; I just throw it in my bag :joy:) I love it because I can bring people on “rides” with me. Helps them understand “drones” better, and that we fliers aren’t spies :joy:


Nice and compact! Generally, people in the hobby likes to build things, and that can save you to spend more money


Completed my Atom Mini 83. The FC has PDB tabs and would not fit underneath the canopy. So I spent the week goofing around with the stack, trying different combinations so that it would fit everything, cover all the electronics and still be compact. It was a fun little puzzle.

I ended up moving the ESC below the frame and sandwiching it with the FC. Still a small stack so hoping COG isn’t too far off. The ESC are 15A, so also hoping overheating will not be an issue with 1105 motors.

70 grams without battery, but I am using all motor screws, aluminum stack screws, nuts and spacers. Also have a LED, beeper and a longer then needed power connector(not pictured). It’s not light, but hopefully durable and full featured.

BeeRotor 15A 4 in one
BeeRotor BRF4 mini w/ OSD
RotorX 1105b 6500
GemFan 2035

Can someone recommend Prop guards that would fit 11XX mount holes? I want to keep them on when flying indoors.


So awhile back a caught a good deal on the Eachine FB90. Out of the box I’ts not so great. After a few mods it flew better but still not great. So I picked up a new frame and threw the FB90 guts into it. It flys great now. The best part is the swap was really easy. All I needed was some double sided foam tape and a phillips screwdriver I did a quick video on the new frame and build.


My first brushless

Yeah, i know, it doesn’t fly, but it is the best fan i ever had… :grinning:


Not a new build, but new props!

DYS 3045 props, hovers at 9%.
Spintech motors stay cool even zooming around and punching, but the battery… the poor battery suffers. Eats an 850mAh bng “80c” in 2 minutes. Same battery lasts 4 minutes with 3025 props, with around the same punch but a much saner 40% hover.

Interesting props though!


My new build. KT100 frame. It’s incredibly light, kinda reminds me of a hyperlite :joy:. It’s going to be a rocket. Notice the TBS unify? :wink:


Nice build, similar to mine but this looks lighter because of no canopy. Does the camera go below the props? If not, don’t crash upside down! :slight_smile:

Also, needs moar tape! (charpu reference) :wink:


After months of struggling I finished my first micro brushed quad buid


I was going to tag you for inspiration, but I don’t know how to :joy: I think it’s perfectly aligned with the props, but I’ll check. Thanks for the idea!


oh and I also taped the motor wires to prevent oscillations.


That’s good! I was referring to the rotor riot episode though, with our friend charpu. It’s all about the tape! :joy: