Show us your builds!


If you take the IR filter off the back of the AIO cams (I have first hand experience with the TX01-3 cameras) the low light performance is very good, and only 5g.


Looks good. I will try to research that diy with fx797t cam (Plus lens is glued down so i didnt mess with it yet). Thanks


The lens is glued down on all of the AIOs… Carefully use something pointy to peel the glue off from the lens threads… taking a razor blade around at the junction of the lens/housing first will make the glue removal easier. Take care not to push/pull too hard or you’ll pull the housing off the board. Once you get the whole way around the lens it can be unscrewed. The IR filter is lightly glued to the back of the lens and can be pried off. Reassemble, focus, and then add some hot glue to the threads to keep it from moving again.


A beautiful picture only us micro lovers understand. Thanks for sharing @tronaton!


And witness to the fact that in this hobby, only the tools (and the players…) get old!


Here’s my latest little micro. Using some cheapo 1106 6000kv motors, this thing is a rocket! I think it really might out pace some of my 5" quads. In my video I never even bring it past 50% throttle. I am using one of my crappier lipos but it still is a blast. Specs are in my video description.


that thing looks amazing… flies so nicely!!! great job… (I wish my FPV builds flew as locked in as that!)


My new build. Super fun! I actually tuned it (coming from someone who never bothers to tune!)


What KV are the motors?


I built this a few weeks ago as a custom build for someone.
Ragg-e frame with MMW insane 6mm, Beebrain v1.1, fx805, @NotFastEnuf canopy and some carefully wired in 0402 LEDs going to a resistor on the power leads.


Damn now that is a sexy whoop indeed! Beautiful build! :ok_hand:


My first ever build and been over 15 years since I touched a soldering iron and it sure showed. Made every mistake possible, but it came out the exact way I imagined it. Calling it a “Bumper Whoop”.

Build Pics and parts list.


Different than the others - I like the vertical ESC’s !!


Not a micro but i have a few micros in the works, waiting on parts.


Just a little LOS ditty, an exercise on building tight and lean; planning for 2S for a while, then maybe 3S if I get adventurous (motors are the only part not rated for 3S):

  • Arfun Pro 95 frame
  • Pico Blx hacked for DSHOT
  • Eachine Minicube 10A ESC 4in1
  • Racerstar 1103 6500KVs (yes, the bulk clearance variety)
  • Gemfan BN2035-4 propellers
  • FrSky XM+ receiver
  • Adafruit Sequin LED (for orientation)

38g w/o battery, 55g with 250mAh 2S battery

p.s. I can shave a couple grams removing a connector or two, top standoffs (replaced with nylon nuts), and trimming the long antennae. Maybe even lighten the battery attachment via 3 Double-Lock.


I finally have 5 ‘working’ (2 fully) quads - the DJ-105 and BoBo-95 are in perfect flying condition, the SugarGlider-120 needs the FPV tweaking along with some more agressive props, the Awesome-90 also needs FPV remedition and the 1S Elf-88 needs a new 5V regulator as the Polou has expended it’s magic smoke…


So when I got home from France I found a note in my mailbox there was a package waiting for me at the postoffice. And not just some package… :heart_eyes:

My girlfriend thinks it looks just like the whoops I build, but I know better… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
It’s a bit late to go into details right now but I’ve taken it for a quick spin and it flies great! I’m especially interested in the PID settings as they are vastly different from what I use and I’m liking it. Also I didn’t use to like 2 blades before but on the dark editions they seem to deliver! Will definitely use these experiences in my future builds.

Thanks @Benedikt and all of the community for making this possible! I feel honored to have a whoop built and flown in your house now flying around my place! Video will come! :grin:


First of two micros running mmw 0716s. Had a bunch of issues with the X1 fc. First one had a cooked mosfet, went round and round with their customer service then finally they sent me this one. Came flashed with a version of aff3 3.2.0 that borked the receiver I guess. The receiver couldn’t need my X7s input after it was bound sbus or ppm. Complained about that with the X-Racer customer service again (should copy the email thread here for some comedy) and they sent me another custom hex file to flash. With this version of the firmware sbus still doesn’t work, but ppm does. Not as advertised, which doesn’t make me a happy consumer. but oh well, at least I can throttle up these 0716s. E011 frame on the way for my other set of 0716s.


Finally got around to building the RS90 yesterday, been thinking about doing it for over a year. I’ve watched @rschoi_75’s videos of his RS90 many times :smiley: can’t believe he was rocking this in 2015! Way ahead of time! (btw, he was also the first I have seen put an FPV camera on Inductrix way before Tinywhoop existed. I was like meh… 2 minutes of flight time… I’ll stick to the Nano QX)

But yes, RS90 is an old design and micro brushless whoop isn’t special anymore nowadays, but the plus side of that is the parts have become a lot better and cheaper compared to 2015. And most of all, I built this completely from spare parts I had laying around which makes it feel extra satisfying!

Parts list:

  • Piko BLX (clone)
  • Racerstar 4in1 ESC
  • Racerstar 1103 10000kv
  • Frsky XM receiver

  • Some old school 200mw VTX I’ve had for over a year, let me find that thing, ah here it is:

It needs a filtered power supply so I used the filtered VTX output of the Piko BLX coupled with a 5v polulu
Would be easier to use a VTX03 but this was more fun as I didn’t have any other use for this vtx. I put a 4 blade clover on there for looks and because I have a whole bunch of those from replacing AIO with dipoles. Again dipole would be easier and lighter but I wanted something different. :smiley:

  • And this is connected with a very long signal wire that runs all the way to a cheap ‘banggood’ 600 tvl

Have it coming in at 88 grams including the 2S 350 battery.

  • First used Racerstar 2035 4 blade props (trimmed down a mm or so) but these are so damn inefficient I got 2:30 flight time and beeper beeping like constantly. I’m now using drilled out HM830 paper airplane props and it’s much better, they fit perfectly and get around 3 minutes of flying, still more than enough thrust for indoors. I was hoping to get less noise as well, but it still screams aggressively! ah well :joy:

I did print the frame in ABS, it’s recommended to use Taulman 910 nylon. Whilst I did get a spool for this build about half a year ago, I couldn’t get it to print well, probably too much moisture and I need to try the oven dry approach but it’s a hassle and I haven’t taken the time yet. It feels pretty tough as is, should be enough for relaxed whooping style of flying at least. Time will tell, I hope it doesn’t break soon because I’m loving it! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:



Dig it, Jellie! Very cool. I’m hot on my 2015 Raiju as well… classic frame updated with new bits. Yeah, buddy.