Show us your builds!


Love all these white storm trooper whoops!


That’s the radio crystal - my solution is to physically bend it forward so it’s out of way. Haven’t had one break yet but I’m sure there is a small risk.


Yes I do the same (and reinforce it with some hotglue) but I still can’t get the camera as far forward to fit the good ol’ inductrix mullet.

*oh you mean all the way forward? I bend it up.


Yes, here is a canopy I prototyped last year but never persued. It has a more rear mounted camera to avoid the crystal. Maybe it will be inspiring to you.


Inspired by @JBFPV I built this today. Hope it’s ok to copy your build :wink:.
Quick and dirty.
E011 stock motors, 2x 1.5mm Inductrix frame stiffener from BG. Scisky mounted with foam and rubber bands, hot glue cam mount for Boldclash F01, piece of shrink tube glued on the bottom as battery holder and shrink tube landing feet (which will all fly off soon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).
Watch that prop clearance.
Maybe should refine it, but first let’s kill some props :metal:.


Very nice Chrisdo! Even lighter than mine! Curious how it flies, mine felt underpowered for some reason. Tried it with the HM830 props and thrust was a lot better, but it didn’t fly very well. Shaky, unstable, something was off. Hope you have better results. And yes prepare to break props because it’s so rigid the props break instantly lol

@NotFastEnuf that’s awesome, I had been thinking of using the e010 canopy as a base and you just gave me inspiration indeed! Love the look of that canopy.


Find some hdpe plastic - in the USA a milk jug is nice and thin. It will be obvious when you’ve heated it enough. Cast your mold in plaster and then make a good plug. You will get about 3 pull attempts on an e010 canopy before it melts. Maybe this will help it was a video I made of my second try to form


YAAAAASSSS! That’s an amazing build! WANT WANT WANT! :smiley:

Seriously, love everything about that little guy!



Did my first FC solder job of note. Got a Realacc F3 (Eachine??) board with OSD and buzzer to resurrect the Efficiency, but this time with the X100 frame. The FC was easy, other than the LemonRX I rescued from my blown up Q-Carbon didn’t have any labeling on wires, so had to do some research. Haven’t hooked up the OSD yet, need a dedicated camera for that (borrowing the canopy and AIO cam from one of my other builds), but having a buzzer is nice.

  • Eachine/Realacc F3 (with OSD and Buzzer)
  • LemonRX
  • MMW Dark 18’s
  • Heat Shrink feet
  • Eachine X100 Frame
  • @NotFastEnuf Shanghai Mullet Canopy
  • Afunta props

I get about 4-5 minutes of hard flying…still tuning too.

MY ONLY ISSUES…it won’t bind every time I arm. It gives me RX_Lost beeps, then I just cycle and finally it spins up. I never have lost signal once it’s armed though. Also, my beeper switch sometimes doesn’t work (the beeper is soldered fine) and then sometimes gets canceled by the rx_lost. I think my LemonRX might be slightly damaged from when it was the RX on my Q-Carbon that hit the tree and the battery exploded and took out the ESC’s and FC. Have a new LemonRX on the way to see if that’s the problem.

I forgot how much I love my 8mm builds! It almost has the same punch as my Torrent on 2s and having a Betaflight board is nice. Still needs a tune as it has some slow wobbles after flips (more P??) but using FPV_Angle_Mix (I do that on all my Acro setups now) makes it quite racy. Footage soon.


I received the hm830 props the other day but didn’t have the chance to try them. Does it really fly worse? Would a specific pid tuning improve it? I just tried the gw008 props and was impressed with the extra power. Very responsive and just a little bit more difficult to fly (and maybe needs some tuning). Only tried indoors, so didn’t go crazy, but i think outdoors it must be a tiny rocket


@PJC … Whaaaaaaaat!! That looks awesome!! Well done!

I’ve been hot gluing my cams inside the canopy. … is that also what you did? Love the look of all that carbon!


I initially did what I do on Tiny Whoops…just some double sided tape, but I was getting too much jello in the cam, so I hot-glued it in. :wink:

@NotFastEnuf Now I gotta get a replacement canopy for my “Great White 11 Whoop” I stole this from. :stuck_out_tongue:


Make me a list - black, white, and opaque clear. I’ll send em over!


I knocked together this rather horrible looking b’stard as a test rig for the Spintech 1106ST 8000kv motors.

Hand cut polycarbonate 110mm frame strapped onto a Rotorious Speck85BL carbon base plate with 20A Littlebees, Gemfan 3025, Alien F4, Speck cam pod, 600tvl cam and vtx03.

AUW with 2s 300mAh Nanotech is 104g

It’s a rocket on 2s, motors come down warm and I get a bit over 2.30 mins flight time.


I still need to send you those two E011 FC’s too!


If you want to put a nrf module in your devo, I’d flash one for you and send it back! :smile: (join us!!)


man, I have enough on my plate with Betaflight…well, and that new F4 build that I think I’m going to put Raceflight on. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh, and FYI @NotFastEnuf, did you know that the side screw holes on your Shanghai canopies are perfect to stick your diversity antenna’s through on my Lemon RX? :smiley:


Some more shots of the Qreacher X! I took @NotFastEnuf’s Shanghai and noticed my Lemon RX antenna’s naturally flowed up where the side screws of the canopy are…a perfect fit!


not a build,
yet an old friend who’s been with me since the first flight…
have used this daily for over 2.5 years. Thanks hubsan.


I have completed my first micro brushless day/night flier with the runcam owl. The owl with the tx5823 and a 3.3v pololu seems the lightest i can manage (unless there is a vtx with built in 3.3v to cam) at 15.27g with the whole mount. Then i got carried away with the damn purple paint pen :sweat_smile:

Hover flight was around 5min 30s with a 450mAh 2S 25C GiantPower lipo. With the cam disconnected(left mounting plate) it was around 8 min 45s. So if i stuck a normal aio cam it would probably fly between 6~7mins. Any better lipo suggestions that has punch but doesnt weight too heavy? The GiantPower comes around 24.42g…:thinking:

F3FemtOwl 90mm auw:

Current Fleet:

Last but not least a little side by side comparison screenshot of in-flight testing fpv between the Owl and the FX797T aio cam setups. All we need now is a starlight cam the same weight as the aio. Cheers!