Show us your builds!


Just saw King Crimson in concert last Monday. Tool’s Grandpas.


What a great band. I just love progressive rock/metal


Can you show me how to rotate 45degree board h8?


You would really be better off asking this is the H8 thread on RCGroups here


I was about to point you to that very same thread but I will add a link to a Sliverwhoop specific thread.
I have not played much with the Silverware code for ages but @NotFastEnuf has been having fun with it on E011 boards so is up to date with changes most likely.
I had a lot of fun with my several Silverwhoops last summer.


Oke. Thnks brother


There are a series of commented out lines in… hardware? that you uncomment to rotate the board. I don’t remember which one’s I used to get what orientation to work. I’m at work at will be for some hours so I can’t check either.


Yeah its in hardware.h - look for gyro orientation


the red canopy looks outstanding. I like the black, but damn that red really pops with those motors and JST connector. how is thw JST connector holding up BTW, getting hot after flights?


Not hot at all. But I only run 2s for now. Draining a 350mah pack in 2 min. That’s an average pull of about 10a. That is probably close to the practical limit of a jst…but still fine. And thanks man for the compliment!


Since it was so windy the last week I built a small brushless los acro trainer out of parts I had laying around. Purple 2035s would fit the colour scheme better, but for visibility I put some cut down 3025s on.
With around 39g without lipo it isn’t really light but I preferred durability over weight savings.
QCarbon 85 frame with custom top plate made of a wrecked frame, Racerstar 6a 4in1 ESC, Racerstar 1103 6500kv motors, femto fc, lemon dsmx sat, 5V square buzzer, Gemfan 3025 cut to 2.1"
It’s faster than I expected.


this is SICK!!! LOVING IT! I was just thinking of building a 2" LOS flier to accompany my 2" keni 97 FPV build. Soooooo inspiring! how loud is it? lol


It’s louder than I thought. Hard to say how loud. With 4blades it would be quieter for sure.
Just flew my 3" Minimalist for one pack (haven’t flown it long time) and was shocked about its noise, haha.


true that, it looks like a blast though man. definitely looks like the perfect backyard LOS flier. :smiley:

Yeah i’ve been playing around with the 1306 minimalist on 3" with 4s lately… racekraft quadblades so far are the quitest props i’ve found, but the performance is best with HQ 3" triblades in my experience. really excited for all the new 3" props coming out.


Cut gf3025’s make a TON of noise - and it’s a blood curdling awesome scream. Just the sound alone is enough to get the adrenaline pumping at full throttle. It’s one of my favorite prop set ups. Very low drag and spools up to high rpm very fast.


Awesome E90 Redux
1102 10000kV
Omnibus F4 Nano with OSD and Blackbox
Betaflight 3.2
TX03 AIO (split)
Gemfan 2035BN
Orange R111Xn

I put a new FC in and reworked the packaging. I saved a few grams in the process as well as gave myself enough room to mount 2" props.


@Denovich mean looking build! I like it. :relaxed:

I built a very cute whoop today, all white e011 with MMW insanes.
The canopy I made myself which inspired me to use the white e011 frame and white props.
Plus I didn’t feel like painting it. Didn’t like how the design of the canopy turned out first, but now that it’s mounted I’m beginning to like it!


@JBFPV - Very nice build.

Have you ever tried changing the orientation of the props/motors on your builds, and if you have, do you notice any performance differences other than it helps keep the lens free of debris?


Haha. Why is mine so dirty?


Very nice, love the canopy by @NotFastEnuf
I’ve been trying to make something similar but with the e011 FC the camera is usually a bit further back because of that big component in the way. This makes for a bit of a weird shape for the canopy.

@chime13 not really, I have inverted motors upside down before but not changed motor direction yet. Funny you mention that because yesterday it suddenly struck me I’m using Inductrix frame which have the struts angled the wrong way for my Beecores and I never even noticed. I should change motor direction for that but they are direct soldered so that sucks.