Show us your builds!


@quadlifepro not sure if you’ve seen this by now but I found this video looking for a canopy.

@JBFPV can you share that canopy file? i could really use some protection, i’m on my second vtx03 lol


@JBFPV saw someone post your inductrix frame stiffener build on the tinywhoop fb page, awesome build. do you think it has clearance for 40mm props? i’d like to stick the feelcam under it, but doubt it could lift the 9g on 31mm props.


Hey just checked, I’m currently running 45mm props on it (the paper plane hm830 props) they were 46mm I think but I had to trim them down a tiny bit. It has the punch now but it’s not flying well, I think it’s the F1 scisky.

Regarding the canopy, what kind of build are you putting it on? Because the one in that video wasn’t a success because I kept destroying vtx03’s with it. I’ve now changed to a top mounted design which fits both split and non split AIO (Tx03 included). It doesn’t look so great and it’s more camera protector than canopy but it does a great job.

Edit: here is a picture

-great protection
-top mounted doesn’t limit prop size

-weighs a few grams
-not as pretty as a canopy


@JBFPV it’s on the KT100. just a rubber band that holds the battery on also keeps the rx and vtx (ahem) secure.


if you’re wondering why so heavy… those are rotorx 1105b motors. and yes, esc 4 on the 4in1 went out so i threw a spare on there… ghetto but this thing is fun.


Perfect, that’s what I designed it for! I’ll try putting it up on Thingiverse for you tonight. The top mounted cam also allows 3 inch props on the KT100. I’m currently using it as LOS flyer, its pretty insane without the additional weight of FPV! Like a micro warpquad hehe


3d printed frame only weighs 10g 8.5 motors and I’m buying a f3 evo brushed and a dsmx reciver and I’m going to run a 2s 500mah


@dronebydiddy camera mount online :satellite:


Quad almost finished just waiting for the reciver to arrive then I’ll be good to go. Really pleased with this as it’s my first quad build ever you guys have been so much help I’ve basically learnt everything about quad building from you guys thanks I really appreciate everyone who helped me. Only weighs 56g with battery which is a 500mah 1s


You always remember your first😜
Nice job, hope there will be many more


Eeeerrrr… Not as clean as the build from JBFPV, that looks awesome… My build looks like shit, i know, but it flies, and now i’m going to test it

I hope not to break anything. These are 1mm thick frame stiffeners for the e010, thats why the 0720 (mmw insane) motors only fit adding some duct tape…


If the battery can deal with those motors that thing is going to be a rocket!


I wouldnt use the word “rocket”, not after seeing your brushless micros launched to the sky… but this has power. Not as much power as i expected, but it’s a pleasure to see how it climbs in a punch out. Maybe a bigger battery would give it a little bit of punch, i don’t know. Don’t have any lipos between 240 and 500mah. I’ll try the 500mah

This build was just “for science”. Didn’t expect it was going to fly so smooth and fast. I’ll try to improve it, but i’ll keep it, for sure!


Nice build, nice flying, great song. I love Tool.


Thanks Chris! This is the best flying quad that i built so far. Didn’t build a lot of them, and most of them are tiny whoops…

Tool are one of the best bands in the world. They’ve been working on a new album for AGES. I hope we can enjoy it in this decade…


Guys do you think you can use a LED on the buzzer port on the f3 evo brushed FC instead of a buzzer would it work?


I tried a 500mah battery on it, but it barely lifts from the ground, and it’s uncontrollable with a lot of drifting. That’s curious, because the rtf version of the KingKong Tiny 7 uses same battery and props, and i don’t think it uses 14000kv motors like me. I may be losing a little bit of thrust because the area underneath the prop is not very clean and may obstruct the airflow, but still it makes me think about the flight controller… Will have to test it with a different one


That’s odd. With the 250mah in the picture that wouldn’t surprise me too much, but 500 ought to be about perfect.


Also setting up a black canopy for it…


It looks just awesome. From the dark side.