Show us your builds!


I was seriously so close to fitting the top plate over mine too and had also done a trial fit like that!! It goes on the chaser88 frame with no problems - just needs some of the sub structure dremeled out so it drops down all the way - but then I decided why add the extra weight when I can just slap on a sick looking canopy and abandon the stock look completely.

I too had uncontrollable rattles no matter what I tried and blistering hot motors regardless of the tune. But with prop guards on it was manageable, barely within reasonable limits, and I was happy flying it as it was. Once they broke it was game over. I knew I needed to make the switch.

Thanks for sharing the pictures! !


I can also report that I put two more packs through it and cranked pids up pretty high with no ill effects. Getting close to 80 on P and tested as high as 50 on D. Motors are coming down cool. I think my babyhawk problems are solved!


Excuse the mismatching motors and frame. Thing flys awesome, I’ve ordered a smaller frame and 2" props to go even smaller for park flying.


Going back to my roots. Crazy LOS and a Picnic Quads frame! It’s fast!


That has to be A LOT of fun! What is the spacing on that top plate? Any chance it’s 25x25?

Also, are these spare parts, or did you abandon the bh?


Spare parts! Still planning on the rebuilt with your canopy :wink: sadly it’s a 30x30 :frowning:


Tokio X for my first build :upside_down_face:


Latest build. Bit of a fatty but perfect for indoors. :slight_smile:


Details, please.


Here you go @burtlo hopefully a pic that is the right way up too. (Edit, looks like my phone refuses to post a pic the right way!)

FK85 85mm frame (BG)
4 x 1103 6500kv (from one of those cheap bulk buys a while back)
Racerstar 2035s
F4 omnibus FC
4-1 esc
XM reciever
Crazypony tinywhoop canopy made to size with heat gun.


Another parts bin special. The frame was supplied by a friend. The pod is from a vacuum form model he made that I modified for 3D printing.


2205 2480kV Sunnysky Edge Racing Lite protoypes
Raceflight Revolt
Matek HubOSD PDB
Runcam Eagle
Redcon R720X DSMX sat
RaceKraft 5051 props


Damn, @Denovich
Those props though!!!


Refined and rebuilt my old nano qx. Cheap 6mm fast motors from banggood. TX02. I can fly this guy super far out! So much fun to explore. Does anyone know of any good 6mm props that have equal or better performance than the nqx stock props? Looking for a cheap alternative.


I killed my Awesome E90 frame. The thin arms aren’t so awesome. Snapped in a crash over grass.
Transplanted into the X2 Elf frame and threw a micro swift in it.

Side View:


  • Racerstar 6A 4-in-1
  • Emax Femto FC
  • VTX03
  • Runcam Micro Swift
  • Small buzzer
  • XM+ FrSky Diversity Receiver
  • DYS BE1102 10000kV
  • Gemfan 2035 props

Hardly the lightweight. Could easily get below 50g ditching the swift but hey. I want it.
Dry Weight: 51.6g
AUW w/ 300mAh nanotech: 68.8g


I have excellent results with these props on my 6mm builds. I like them much more than the Blade nQx props in both performance and durability.

Good Luck!


I used these back in my Nano qx days. For the price they’re nice. Really quiet but little less thrust and performance than stock ones.


Hmmm… I have the exact opposite experience with the 46mm props. In my case “high altitude”, it feels like these ‘grab’ the air better than the stock ones. Note on these 46mm props. You should add a spacer between motor and prop (I use the red tube nozzle for WD40 cut to ~1.5mm) because these props are shallow and will not protect the shafts.


Will try! Thanks guys!


Maybe I don’t remember correctly or it’s really 'bout height.
Anyway, for the price they’re definitely a good choice.


Yep, good point about the spacers. I use 3d printed spacers. These props are also indestructible and can also be used in a pusher configuration easily :innocent: