Show us your builds!


19g… I don’t know how you do it. Seriously awesome. Inspiring too. I’ve got a ton of 6mm not getting used now. Maybe I should jump in on one of these builds!


Another shot


alien wii narrow classic
lightened spider frame
back to the basics


I keep mentioning the weight-saving grommets I found at BG.
These little white grommets are at least 1 gram lighter than the typical 8mm black grommet that comes with many CF frames.
I also removed the plastic header from the front of the FC.


I did the same thing to everything on mine. I used to have Dupont connectors on the mag/baro and the openlog, and another connector on the rx. Individually, they don’t even register on my HF scale, but they added up to about 5g of weight savings.

I really want a fast brushless drone, but I can’t decide if I want to go for a lightweight micro, or something closer to a 250 size with full features (especially GPS and telemetry - so I can find it in the woods!).


Well I took the 6mm inspiration tonight and set up an e011 silverware board on novelty insane 19600kv motors. Weight is just barely under 19g. All this 7mm whooping lately has been fun … but nothing handles like a lightweight build. It’s no ultralight but it rips pretty hard and the handling is phenomenal! I dropped my usual 30+ degree camera mounting down to about 25 degrees so I get a little more vertical punch on the move. At least now my pile of 150mah packs will get some action :smile:


I’ve got to be honest, I love how T-whoops look, but I don’t get it ; it’s like flying a hacky sack… I tried it and I just don’t care for the flying experience. In my case, it took almost 3/4 of the throttle to keep it aloft - I tried all the tricks you all have done to make these little stones flyable, but nah - I’ll stick to my 6mm dragonflies :slight_smile: And now that I found those 46mm props, it’s such a blast to fly around effortlessly for 3 minutes and it’s no louder than an actual dragonfly.


Part of it is probably the 8600’ altitude, whoops are a bit marginal to begin with and hacking 15% thrust off is an issue.


Lightweight 2s brushless build! With osd even.


Wow. That’s a great weight.


Straight links below btw, not affiliate.

Super_S 16x16 “Omnibus” F3 FC:

FRSKY XM RX, I killed my last remaining XM+. Or rather, the Femto FC did due to its odd power layout. Not happy with that thing.

Guide 4-in-1 (who picks these names?) 6A 16x16 ESC:

Realacc Flea 80mm frame (just bottom plate, superstructure won’t fit with 2" props):

Motors are Racerstar 1103 6500kv first generation things, from the 20-for-40 deal.

Camera is an Eachine AIO FPV, basically a vm275t built for OSD:

Nylon hardware, we’ll see how that works out.

“Gemfan” 2035 props.

Custom designed/printed TPU camera mount, ~1g.

Flew nicely for about a minute, then the left front motor bell came loose and down it went.


Hope not, looked good.


Nah, just need to swap the motor out and yell at Banggood for a bit. That’s two that are unusable out of the box.
Should be about to do that tonight and get back into the air.


Swapped out the AiO FPV camera for a 700TVL Banggood special and a Eachine VTX01 - also found that 2435 props fit the Awesome 90 frame…

Has a bit more punch than with the Gemfan props and almost as quiet too - 42g dry/61g w/750mAh 1S battery.


I like it! What motors are those?


Thanks @Bobnova.

They are v1 1103 10000kv Racerstars


That’s real close to my build! I’m tearing down, though, as of late this morning. I hope you have as much fun with your Awesome E90 as I do!


@burtlo: I like the @tronaton style foam protection! :smiley:


My latest creation, also posted in the 0716 motor thread but I’m so happy with it that it needs to go here as well! :wink:

E011 Stock 0716 motors (!)
Double 1.5mm carbon frame stiffener (inductrix) from banggood (apparently holds 7mm motors snug)
Micro Scisky (a good one, non ppm)

Quick mashup of three 3D printed parts from thingiverse:
-Scisky mount attached to EF02 mount
-E010 whoop battery adapter on top of FC


@JBFPV: Really cool idea to make a frame out of two Inductrix frame stiffeners! :smiley: