Show us your builds!


We chose the same line on the same lap.


Lol! That’s hilarious!


My new build - RotoRev Purr110. It’s a 3 inch, and has an INSANE power to weight. It’s made by my local hobby shop! Yes I live near a shop that just sells quads! How awesome is that!?! Based in Canada. Would recommend, its jaw dropping. DVR footage coming soon


That looks like a sweet build! Similar to my KT100 2S brushless. Looks like 1104 motors? What’s the weight? 2s or 3s? Only things I’d change is a dipole instead of the clover and heatshrink the antennas to zipties and attach them to the top somewhere. Did it come with the antenna wires like that or did you have to add your own receiver? Great having a shop like that, they seem to know what they are doing! :slight_smile:


I had to add a receiver, lemon RX diversity (also bought from them) I haven’t decided where to put it yet :wink: yeah it’s about the same size as the KT100 frame, but it’s 2.5mm carbon (good quality) I prefer this frame over the KT100 because it’s way stiffer. Running 3S turnigy bolt HV (500mah) it’s so fast… I’ll upload some DVR footage today! Btw… love your KT100 build! Its cool you found a way to swing 3" props :smile:


Also the motors are gemfan 1104 4000kv :slight_smile:


Btw this came in a kit, I had to build it myself :smile: lol miscommunication


Ah cool! On 3S HV that is bound to rip! I think 1104 might be the way to go, kinda regret not getting 1104’s hehe…
Great build man!


Can we get some weight specs? w/ and without battery :slight_smile:

I bet its so much fun to fly, like a total rollercoaster ride lol I remember my first time flying an X frame with camera mounted like that (crook 110 brushed) it was such a rush seeing the props up front like that, and it took a minute for me to get used to flying low and fast with it without digging the props into the ground ;0 lmao. Always feels like such a unique flying experience with that type of quad… That X frame looks awesome man. Beautiful build!


Thanks! I currently dont have a scale, but I’m planning on getting one! Yeah it’s fun! :grin:


Thanks. 1104 motors are way faster than 1103 :wink: try them out some time haha


Nothing exciting: Rambo whoop recipe on a cockroach frame and a shanghai mullet lid. 2nd micro build, wanted a stormtrooper outfit (dead orbit for any destiny guys out there).


The store I bought the rotorev purr110 kit from gave me the wrong motor screws, causing the winding to get damaged. Because of this they are rebuilding my quad and replacing the gemfan motors with even better quality ones. Will post photo of it rebuilt when I receive it.


Nice work for your second build! I think it’s exciting … but I’m also a little biased since you chose my canopy - lol - so I’m thrilled to see it!!! Love the white on white - beautiful man.

Ef-02 camera?


thanks dood. the canopy is great. btw i tried to fit one of the new camera mounts that comes with the rambo kit under the hood, no worky. makes the camera sit just a little too high to fit in the camera window of the canopy. but those the red motors, wow, what a difference.


Glad you like it! Thanks for the info on the Rambo camera mount. I was curious about that and was gonna try it. Maybe I’ll still order one and develop a new canopy specifically for that thing - it looks cool. Great job!


So this is my micro, most of it from Banggood or eBay. 46g without battery, 58g with, which I think is pretty good considering this is “fully loaded” - bluetooth, openlog, compass, and barometer. For batteries, I’m using the 500mah ones that came with my F949, they say 25C but they’re rather warm after flying, which my 18g 25C 600mah FY326 batteries aren’t. I have eachine 600mah 50c batteries that supposedly weigh 13g on order, hopefully they’re as light as they claim. The flight controller is an Eachine F3 EVO Brushed, the $11 hex version from Banggood, and I’ve tagged wires onto the i2c pins of the F3 to connect the compass/barometer module to. The only things left to do are add a buzzer (on order) get my brother’s 3d printer running to print off a real camera mount, and decide if I want to waste ~100mA on an OSD.


That’s phenomenal to get all that in there at 46g! Well done. 65mm props definitely help carry a few grams of extra weight without too much of a hit in performance. I used to find them a little harder to tune when I first switched but now they are my absolute favorites - Fantastic job!


Rebuilt the purr110. Now it has way better motors! Sooooooo fast! Just need to find a way to mount the antenna! Dry weight without battery is 68g


Pugsley - 19g dry weight

Phoenix Flight Gear CF 90mm Micro-H Nano QX Frame

Scisky V1.2 BF Naze 3.1.6

Crazepony 6x15mm Motor (Speed: Insane) 19000KV for Blade Inductrix Tiny Whoop

Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera 5.8G 48CH 25mW with canopy

6mm white grommets

46mm 0.8mm Prop for 716 Coreless Motor

This guy started off as a 7mm build with cheap motors and props ( I mostly wanted to compare the props to the nQx props)
After 1 flight, I lost a fet (replaced) and after a few less-than exciting flights, I lost 2 of the motor endcaps (fixed one - the other one wasn’t able to)
Replaced the motors with the CPs and it is amazing as far as punch is concerned. Had to extend the wires in order to reach the fc. These 46mm props are vastly superior in performance and durability compared to the Blade props. BTW - the Gemfan Blade clones are the worst of the bunch - they are nearly identical except for the lack of prop pitch - basically very little lift.
I like these 46mm props so much that I looked them (minus motors) up and found them here:

Pugsley flies really well for my required 3 minutes of all out flying using the Nanoforce 180mah 45c batteries. It flies a little heavy with a 400mah battery or 2 of the 180’s but manages to give me some extended time - albeit, the motors come in a little hot. :slight_smile:

@NotFastEnuf - so wish it was your canopy. Maybe next time!