Show us your builds!


Alienwhoop next build up, so I will.
And have you seen these:

Ludicrous speed sounds fun,


shit, need to try those imediately


Yes, Sir
And @madman1412, these have you all over them!


My new E011, what a great quad!! It’s not a true new build, it’s more like a transplant. I took the canopy with the vtx and the beecore board that i had in other frame, and put it into the e011 frame with the 7mm motors.

7mm motors are just great, it feels like a super tuned tiny whoop but way more efficient. I have some 240mah 45C bateries that almost don’t fit in the frame, but perform great. 4:30min flights, and the batteries are 3.5V when they’re even warm. I’m sure that it’s possible to upgrade a lot of things here, but compared to a 6mm build this is just awesome.

My main concern right now is what i’m going to do with the 6 or 7 sets of high performance 6mm motors that i have lying around… Don’t want them anymore, 7mm motors are the way to go. Don’t even understand why they mess with 6mm motors in the first place…


HAHA! That is freakin’ epic @tronaton. Love the Toad reference. Now you just need some red dots and you’re set. Maybe even drop some shells or banana peels as you rip around.


Basically have my Rotorious Rip 120 finished up. I may remove the DSMX board from the stack to lower the profile a bit. I love this frame and setup. Its amazingly fast and handles very well.

Rotorious FPV RIP120
Racerstar 1104 6500kv
Eachine Minicube with DSMX
TX-03 and BG camera. (lost the antenna, so currently disconnected)
MyLipo 2C 480mah batteries
Racerstar 2435 4 blade props
Dry weight - 74grams


:thinking: these sound just ridiculous cant wait to see what damage these cause


Well I’m not done it yet… but this frame looks amazing! Go check out Picnic Quads! Super quality frames


AlienFlightNG F7 Quad Brushed FC

MMW 08-20-18 motors

Carbon Micro X 135mm
Original design by
Sold by

Lemon Sat RX

Boldclash F-01 AIO

Kingkong 65mm props
10 Pairs Kingkong 65mm Blade Propeller Prop 20Pcs for 720 8520 Coreless Motor DIY Micro Quadcopter


So I finally got tired of trying to figure out where I’ve crashed and picked some bright colors in honor of my years at UF. This is my first official brushless canopy after a few prototypes. This canopy also fits the new variant of the smart100 brushed frame. Build is 46 grams and 66 grams all up with my current 350 2s packs. I probably added 2 grams of hot glue around the camera since I don’t want to have to aim that camera again. DYS 1102’s 10000kv, racerstar 1-2s 6a escs, femto fc, and an ef-02 camera.


I may have gone a little extreme with about 40 degrees up tilt … but I do have my screen name to live up to! Hahaha :wink:


Excessive hot glue?! You’ve been talking to me too much, I’m a bad influence hot glue wise.

Build looks amazing.


That’s a sweet ass looking quad.


That looks fantastic, @NotFastEnuf! Pretty much bomb (crash) proof. Side skirt on canopy appears to offer excellent protection for electronics. Hot glue makes it seem like the lens is baked right into the canopy. :wink:

Only downside I can discern is that the cut down GF3025 props look humongous. I mean, the prop hub is almost as big as the diminutive 1102 motors. :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s possible that I might potentially know what inspired leaving that much prop on.


Thanks for the compliments man! Yeah … it takes some getting used to on the look of those cut down props … but I used them on the suggestion of @las and @Denovich, and I believe I’ve seen @Chaotix use them as well. I’m glad I took the suggestions because they live up to it! Very good running prop.

Actual downside of this design is very limited room for a full size dsmx satellite - but it is in there, frsky guys have more common tiny receivers to choose from. A super tiny dsmx satellite is basically only made by orange rx and it’s about 20$. And I did not cut a hole for USB access but could if I wanted to. This build is already tuned so for the few times I need to go in… I can just loosen the two screws on the side at get to it by lifting the back up.


I still have room to cut them bigger!! They approximately touch each other and the canopy at the same max length … but these are 2.4 in. That’s one advantage this frame has over a lot of other sub 90mm builds … it will swing some big props!


Frankenbee update:
Takes head on collisions w trees like a champ!
Although yesterday it took me 20 min to find her.
I wonder how many G forces it takes to knock out a beeper?


Nice! 60g with battery flies outstanding IMO and ur running darks? That thing must fly beautifully!


Minor update to the Awesome E90, my go-to LOS flyer – now with FPV cam! Separated cam fits well with TX on top… not ideal, but this quad is so solid. New 5-blade props ( are stiff/quiet; more notes after more air time.