Show us your builds!


Wow that’s light!


Tell us more about that frame?


My current fleet. Second from the left is new as of tonight.

Kingkong smart 100 frame (new version)
Furibee f3 frsky whoop FC
eBay 8016 motors
NotFastEnuf canopy
Cm275t camera

Auw shot is with a tattu 380mAh battery.
Amusingly enough, it’s the shortest of the bunch at 34mm top to bottom, the whoop is 45mm.


BetaFPV 75mm frame
BetaFPV 720 motors
BetaFPV Triblade Props
BetaFPV H01 AIO Camera VTX
Eachine E011 Flight Controller

This build is almost indestructible!


Nice w8 m8 :joy::+1:
And a warm welcome!


Very clean build and nice weight as well! Those tattu 380’s look sweet!


New canopy on my 8.5. The old one is sitting to the left and used to hang over the sides … This one fits the frame’s profile better.


Very nice! I like it. Looks much better.


It is 1.6g (including camera mount!) Mini Goldberg 63mm race frame from wildblue 3d and it realy is as light as s***. It is so light that Feeling wise I am basicly very close to flying my TW like true 210 od 250 quad. Still a bit underpowered but very very close. Amount of throtle you gain is huge.


What’d you print it in? My pla whoop frames have a predictably short life.


Built up my MMW Xmas pressie. Thanks @Benedikt.


Not sure why the pic posted sideways!


Have no idea. U can get more information from Kevin at


Lol, ok, thanks!


Or, just playing devils advocate, for his price buy two OG Goldbergs and DIY:


It was a serious thanks, I should clarify that.
If it can stand up to being flown, I probably will buy one!


Yes, this one is slotted for an Alienwhoop F4.
I hope the motors are stable enough w/out brace, I have a few 8mm whoops to build up too😉

Still can’t touch 1.6 though, damn that’s amazing


Are they crash prove for you?
A friend over at FB already broke two of them.
I thought of trying one too, but at that price point plus shipping to Europe that’s not reasonable.


Let us know if this method works out.
Have 2 Goldbergs here, but didn’t build anything with them because of the massive weight.


For now it holds very well (and I fly it hard, cca. 15packs per day) but I am not expecting it to last like other heavier frames simply due to less material in it. But oh man once U try it U will never go back. I am prepaired to sacrifise a lot of durabilitiy in order to have so much throtle to play with. I have tried my brothers TW (18,9g) with stock inductrix frame and it feels so heavy now, I just made one lap around the house, landed it and sad thank you for a ride but no thanks :slight_smile: