Show us your builds!


It’s hard for me to get cold motors these days, bobnova!


Frankinbee 90:
(Broke both my Q100 frames)
F4 AlienFlightNG
Lemon sat
08-20-17, afunta props.
AUW 60.3 w 500 mAh HVLI
Those props look huge, but it’s so tiny.
Maiden and PID tuning in the AM


Looks like fun! Also looks like my kind of stack, though with less hot glue.

I’m glad I’m not the only one breaking Q100s, I’ve wiped out two now, both snapped in the same place. I’m going to spend the gram or two on putting some CF on it next time.


I can’t complain tho, before I hit that damn street sign and those trees w the other one they flew great.
Those -17 can get quite the speed up.
Yea, got a bit of glue. The alien is too big for the frame, but I have two so f* it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now a street sign, that’s something I haven’t hit yet. Good work!


No excuses, flying too fast, and that “pick up after your pet” sign reached out and touched me for sure.

Lol, my wife heard it two floors up and thought I hit a car!


i love the sound of “PANG!”


LOL, @Kamsleo69! For me it’s not the “pick up” sign, but the pet waste that can reach out. I learned early on always to search the whole yard for dog poop before even thinking about flying. Because, I tell you, turds are magnetic! :grimacing:

Amen, @tronaton! I love the sound of BANG! :boom: Not steamy poop. :hotsprings: (Guess Discourse forum software doesn’t have any scatological icons.)


Great builds!, so much fun to imagine flying any and all the builds here.
This one, i built many times before i got it to work well. My first micro 20x20 fc build.
Now I think it will replace my atomv2 at home. I’ll finish tinkering with the PID some day.


Brilliant build, @rudygon! Especially your custom canopy. I think @burtlo may have printed one of them as well. :smiley:


Added another to the stable. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to rip it next weekend…chores call. :scream:

My Chameleon build has been a work in progress…well, more like waiting for Bangood shipments to arrive. Finally got to finish the build today. Now to sort out why I get only black from the Runcam with the OSD present. :sob:


The antenna mod for dead cat frame work pretty good for me, It help reduce 10g of the full size antenna. Due to the small size antenna, it survive a lot of crash.

Here’s the video of the quad I applied this mode


I cut small pieces of foam and jammed them between the lobes of a clover.


You are really focused on not destroying another camera! Love it!


Prototyping a new micro brushless canopy. Needs a little more work on the mold then going to pull it in some durable thick blue.


New beushless before i delete it off the phone,diatone 150 spadger.


No parts for it yet but got this in my drone drop subscription Friday Detroit multirotor shuriken 2.5"

sorry top plate is backwards


This build looks absolutely incredible. Well done :+1:


Hello everyone. For my 1st post here is a picture of my micro.


Welcome, and…whaaat
Wow, nice indeed
Yea, your in the right place