Show us your builds!


I loved my popsicle frame that is, until I lightly crashed it. But, it was awesome while it flew… Now I just use the popsicle sticks to reenforce broken arms on one of my Usmile 110 cf frame.


Nice good idea. Im thinking about using bamboo its crazy strong and I’ve seen some frames that use skewers.


Bamboo skewers are great for experimental frames, so light and surprisingly strong for the size. Seeing your collection takes me back to when I started investigating micro quads and got bored of the rtf toy ones.


Micros are endless fun. I love how there are so many hidden gems out there.


I am just waiting on someone doing a frankentwinky or an oreowhoop?


Update on my Bobo 95 - blew up the FC and now, this thing is never going to fly…

New FC has arrived from Banggood, rewired everything and I have a dead motor on 1…

Swapped out the speed controller for a new one and still a dead motor on 1…

Realised that my spare RotorX 1105 motor is a 4000kv and not the 1105B 6500kv that I need - arse.

At least it looks nice!

Does anyone want to swap a new 4000 for a 6500? :slight_smile:


@jimbo_wa: Sorry about the hardware issues. :frowning: It does look very nice indeed! :wink:


@jimbo_wa Thats a really nice looking build.


Same bits, new frame (firer 110 bottom plate), new props (full 3025)!

300mah 2s, 480mah 2s, dry.

Garage testing indicates significantly improved punch over the 2035bn props on these same 1103 6500kv motors.
Tomorrow will show whether they cook or not in real flight.

Roughly 1.8mm between prop tips. Not a lot more between props and canopy. It’s pretty tight and if anything comes loose there are going to be issues.


Looking forward to your reports 'bout those motors with the “big” props.


Excellent build!
Can’t wait for the video😛 And keep those wires secured.


Rebuilt my KT100


Awesome - you really fly that one very well! Glad to see its back.


Aw thanks man! I’ve been improving a lot! Brushless is so fun!


so putting 5v into a 5v out should be ok to power the board?


2 minute test flight complete.

Punch is good. I’m out of practice with brushless.
Feels floaty, kind of like the 65mm props on 8016 motors brushed build. I think I can work that out a bit in PIDs.

The important part though, two minutes bombing around, 15s or so landing and recovering, and the motors are cold!
This is in roughly 50 degree F air.

Further testing will have to wait for tonight.


I agree

  • it is a lot of fun and you are improving. I’ve gotten really comfortable on my brushed 8.5 but I still get the shakes flying brushless. I’m landing before my timer. Lol - it will pass with stick time and repetition. I recorded a flight on each over the past few days and I’m flying my brushed faster on everything but punch outs. I’ll soon remedy that. It is really nice to bomb around at 40% throttle with power to spare instead of pegged at 100%.


Yeah I also feel more comfortable with brushed. Brushless is fun because of the power and efficiency!


Yeah, that’s how I do it.


Same here, I think mostly because I’m more comfortable crashing a $70 build than a $140 build. That and it’s hard to damage your surroundings convincingly with a brushed build, while brushless is closer to a flying Cuisinart.