Show us your builds!


Damn fine job, Sir.
Got my stencil yesterday, seems I’m always one step behind you😇
…And (edit) great minds think alike!!
Although (2nd edit) would’ve never come up with those props, genius!


@chrisdo: Maybe we should build some? :wink:


That looks AMAZING!


Umm…new work wallpaper. Thanks!


Modified the camera mount using the Parrot nose. Fast motors installed. Hard to find in grass. Lost it then found it 3 days later.


I’m in. Would be nice to get you back to build another :alien:.
Will contact you as soon as possible. Today I have a lot of appointments here in the hospital. Will reach you via discord this evening or tomorrow.


What FC are you using? Are you interested in a beeper?


Awesome 90 frame (decided to chop the front off to save weight) from Banggood along with Racerstar 10,000kv 1103 motors, 6A 1-2S BLHeli_S ESC’s with Gemfan 2035 PC props and the clone FC/Rx. Also has a butchered 3D printed mount for the Eachine EF-02.

40g AUW and 61g with 1S 750 Nano-Tech battery! :smile:

This thing flys damn quiet…


Nice job on the harness. Great weight too!


Snip. Cut. Solder. Stick. The scisky limousine finished pretty quick :relaxed::

Asked my helping hand :robot: to assist me in weighing both micros; seems it has a preference :laughing::

Also nice meticulous 40g build @jimbo_wa. Thats my next build in mind until the paycheck arrives :grin:



Finally built up my Rotrious RIP 120!:grin:

20 x 20 omnibus f4
12a 4in1 racerstar esc
RCX 1304 4000kv
Gemfan 3025s
Frsky XM reciever
And standard 700tvl micro cam

Totally stoked it went together and worked first time. Now to experiment with different lipos to see how it performs (2-4s). Wish there more prop options to play with. Also loving having an osd with voltage meter.


Nice mod on the E90. I may do something similar.


@DsAds: Beautiful RIP 120 build! Look forward to hearing how it flies and how you like it, especially with the 1304 motors and 3025 props! :smiley:


Not as elaborated and unique as @Chaotix above posted one, but hey this is my :alien:WhoopF4 built.
Not the lightest and pretty basic so far but for a “hospital build” not bad at all.
Only flew 2 packs LOS before cam installation and one pack FPV here in our hospital room.
Damn, I’m impressed. It flies sooo nice.

AlienWhoopF4 fc, stock inductrix frame, MMW19s, rakon 3 blades, fx798t, 0.5mm cf frame stiffener.


your remixes intrigue me greatly! are those little grommets holding the motors in place for the honey bee?

im in the market to build the lightest backyard ripper available, and im almost positive going with the absolutely most lightweight frame 8.5mm motors and eachine 1mm shaft triblades I could probably make a near silent little ripper!

to do this I know im going to need a 3d printed frame design, and many many copies of it because all 3d printed stuff breaks easily…

I’m wondering, you said the micro 85 was lacking thrust… do you think this is between the motors are too close together causing more turbulance than thrust?

I just need to find like a 3-4g frame, or less and print many many copies of it lol


Such a pretty board, doesn’t it fly brilliantly :alien::smiling_imp:


It is a Graupner Alpha 110 board. I bought a piezo beeper, but haven’t figured out how to wire it in. It’s just the component. What do you use?

Same, I’ve done the Scisky pin solder mod twice, and the rest of my boards have dedicated pads, aliens, picos and some eachine f3 evos


Hey @quadlifepro, when you say lightest ripper possible I immediately think of the ultralight whoop. But that’s 6mm motors and I hear you talking about 8.5’s. I must say I prefer the ultralight whoop over 8.5mm, even for outside. It has better performance (TWR) and has zero damage on crashes. I have only broken ONE ultralight whoop frame ever!

With 8,5 I used to break frames all the time. I used to fly 8,5 for the performance but after the ultralight whoop, there is not much reason to fly 8,5 except a little bit more wind resistance and a slightly longer flight time. But for a backyard ripper I’d still stay ultralight whoop, unless you have a huge backyard but in that case I’d go micro brushless.

Regarding the Micro85, it’s a nice simple frame but it had less thrust compared to what I was used to. Probably due to the props being closer together. It did fly OK so it might be an option if you insist on 8,5mm.


Hey everybody, finally finished my first small brushless build. Here are the specs
-kingkong 130GT
-1306 racerstar
-6A simonK esc
-3030 PC props
-kingkong camera and vtx combo
-flysky x6b RX
My little helpers helped build this!