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Hi, I am new last night i configured my F3 EVO quad. All of my motor looks good. but when i push the throttle to 20% all of my motor spin normally except 3rd motor, it spin so first and lost the balance what is the problem i can’t find. I checked the throttle out put it looks normal.
please help me…



risajal Is this on a brushed or brushless setup? I am a noob when it comes to setup but if its brushless did you calibrate the esc’s?


So you’re saying even if those 6500kv motors aren’t cool you like their performance so far?
Have 20 of them coming too.


Foamdrones Baby Turtle
Inductrix FPV FC
18300kV motors
Eachine 31mm 4blade props

Crash proof indoor cruiser.


I don’t have a ton to compare it’s performance to, but it’s worlds more powerful than my brushed stuff, flies just as long with a 450 2s, and isn’t much louder.
The only other brushless I’ve flown is the Aurora 100, this thing has at least equal feeling punch, probably in part because it’s about 30g lighter.

I’m very happy with it.
I suspect the motors might do 3s too, they’re very cool too the touch after flight so far.


That foam frame is cool, I’ve been thinking of building something like this as an indoor FPV hovercraft!


That thing will take a pretty hard hit!


Trying to bend a pool noodle into a pretzel right now…


Rebuilt a bit! NotFastEnuf whoop canopy, vm275t with rear facing dipole.
XM+ doesn’t fit real well so it’s a bit odd, but the general setup should be much more durable. Flies better too, good tilt, better aero.


it’a brush 7mm motor.


No, 6mm motors.


My quad has brush motor.



That canopy will not survive even though it looks cool. 10mil plastic is meant for a 20 gram whoop. Lol. You need a 30mil plastic canopy on there to survive the first crash. Bye bye pretty cf finish (heart breaking a little inside) - OK I’m better now - go give it hell! :wink:


The 110 has the “gargon” name now…
i plan on building another the same to let my tx02 cool between flights.

The hot glue is to keep the wires inplace.

2X keni 110 frames
F4 omnibus 2-4s fc
lemon rx
Sunrise 10A aio esc
DYS 1104 6500KV
tx-02 and polu (justin case)

:pig: 141g with 450 3s graphine :pig:


3S on 1104?
IS THAT EVEN LEGAL?!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Very fine build, very nice indeed.


The aio camera was the last to come in, installed the :eyes: and got “subject 1 :alien:” out from the lab (anyone still fly aliens v 1.0s’ anymore?)

Once i have some free time, it will maiden (probably outdoors) with this low-mid budget rig:

Scisky build next in the works… Happy flying! :smiley: :money_with_wings: :sweat_smile:


Another Alien brother! Great build, love it!


This may look like the one I posted earlier but it now has an Alien brain.
Alienwhoop F4 a remix by Charlie Stevenson from the Alienflight F4, built by Chaotixtech (me) :alien::sunglasses::alien:



LOVING the frame design… :slight_smile: way cooler than a woop frame