Show us your builds!


I’m pretty sure that you don’t like zip ties or loom bands…:grin:


I like that concept! Much less weight than just doubling the entire frame up.


when the canopy is holding the antenna of the lemon i try my hardest to not have the canopy fly and break the wires.
The zip tie motor mounts have saved many frames in the past. Its one of my favorite things to do.


LOL, @MidnightQuads! I know he hates colors, too. He’s a true RTF-only guy. @tronaton would never think of building anything of his own. He just doesn’t have much imagination or creativity. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just about completed my newest addition… The Eachine Roarer 120. Stupid name. I’ll rename it after I get to fly it.
Eachine Minicube W/Dsmx RX
Racestar 1104 6500kv
myLipo 480 2s
Racestar 2035 props - I need to order some red ones to match.
AUW 100g
I have the micro VTX module coming for the stack + micro cam still to add maybe. Its a bit heavy right now. Need to see how it flys.

I mounted the motors on foam to give some vibration isolation. I also put some o-rings between the layers of the stack to minimize vibration. Don’t know if it was really necessary, but worth a shot.


Possibly my very last brushed build. I’m now moving onto strictly brushless micros after a year in brushed. Was lots of fun but I need more POWAAA!!! My favourite whoop- inductrix FPV FC, special sauce motors, RKH frame and props, split AIO cam, and a super cool canopy :wink: + mylipo batteries of course


Thats cool looking. I like the color combo!

I’m having the same feeling about brushed… Not giving up on them, but they are definitely taking a back seat…


Thanks! :sweat_smile:


Hey @Kamsleo69,
congrats you successfully built your first :alien: FC. You must feel really proud and I think it should be a blast to fly a self made one.


Thank you, that means a lot coming from you. I appreciate that.
It was stressful but so was trying to configure my first Scisky FC, which I could not have done without your step by step guide.
It is amazing to fly, I’m currently ripping the skys open with -17’s and afunta props. It really doesn’t matter if it’s LOS or FPV, shes sooo smooth!
I must sharpen her tune which means more studying and flying. (Oh well😜)


First brushless build flies!
The battery mounting is very temporary, the battery itself has way too thick and long of cables, antennae aren’t well attached, etc etc. I wanted to get in the air!

I got it airborne this morning in the garage, just hovered and moved back and forth a bit, but it seems happy.

Pictured is auw with 450mah 2s made out of a tattu 4s pack (hence the long, think, cables). There’s probably 5 grams in excess cable, maybe more.
Still, I’m pleased!

Also not the props I’m going to actually use I don’t think.


This is my first brushless FPV build! :smiley:

Atmospheric adventures apollo 130 frame
RCX 1407 3200kv momos
racecraft 3040 quadblade props
littlebee 4in1 ESC
Raceflight Revolt with raceflight ONE
lemon rX dsmx diversity
vtx - FX799t
HS1177 FOXEER flight cam

total weight is 163g without battery, and 235.5g with 650mah 4s battery…


Hey man … I didn’t even know you picked one up!! That thing looks epic!


I feel like I can finally present the e011 7mm silverwhoop. It’s been exhausting to get tuned after flashing silverware but I’m happy with it now. It flies so precise and powerful that I can’t go back to 6mm or betaflight to whoop ever again. This is my new go to indoor ride.


Nice pics @quadlifepro!
Let’s see some video next😛


More pictures, because everybody loves pictures!

And some specs:

Chaser88 frame (really nice countersunk holes for everything, but it does mean that the screws that come with the motors are too long and short the windings out. Let’s hear it for a habit of taking a multimeter to everything before plugging in…)
Eachine TeenyCube FC, F3 with MPU6000 and an apparently good enough BEC, plus PDB.
Racerstar RS6A ESCs. Bigger than I’d thought they could be, ended up real cramped. Cut the OEM heatshrink off 'em to remove the extra ground wire.
Racerstar 1103 (first gen) 6500kV motors (20 for the price of 5, yes please! The current “6500kV” thing bugs me, they’re 6.5kV. 6500kV would be 650000RPM/Volt. They’re not that cool)
“Genuine” Gemfan 2035 props. Really genuine? No clue.
FRSKY XM+ RX, cause range.
EF02 camera.
Battery so far is a 450mAh 2s made out of a cut up Tattu 4s 450mAh 75C jobby.

With way too much, too heavy gauge, battery cable it’s 75.15g AUW, 3 minutes of vigorous flight and punch outs lands at 3.85v/cell. I’ll be posting a video in one of the other threads this evening. It’s fun!

Needs tuning, it’s running stock PIDs and rates right now and I’m pretty sure the ESCs are miscalibrated for bonus points. Oddly the FC comes with a dump from the Aurora 90 installed, despite this FC having none of the features that involves (SD, Blackbox, OSD, current sensor, etc.), even has Aurora90 as the craft name for OSD.

Fun, and no smoke! I’ll take it. With a tune it’ll be even more fun.


The camera would not survive a hard crash, you might need some 3d printed camera protector


looks good! will definitely follow your progress with this one. I am wrapping up my first brushless build, a FlexRC Piko-X. Which is very similar to yours.


A camera rejig is definitely on the list, it and the RX are haphazardly hot glued to the top of the FC. Far from ideal.
It’s on my list for tonight.


Just got this in the mail the other day hobbymate f3 brushed 1s with betaflight osd built in… and I have my old dromida verso with syma x5c 7mm motors and afunta props laying around :grin: thinks its time for a real fc