Show us your builds!


First pass at putting together a micro quad with the AlienFlight FC. Surprisingly, I’m pretty happy I went with the dragon frame, as it acts a bit like prop-guards without the extra weight. Mounting the lemon satellite in the back was a mistake as it was quite tail heavy, and I have since moved it onto the FC. Cricket camera to come once its flying nicely :smiley:


Bad ass dude!!!


Hi everyone!

Thought was about time to share a photo of my current fleet.

Not the prettiest builds (#uglyrollcages) or the best parts used but have tried to keep the weights down to compensate.

Builds have taken inspiration from other members posts in this thread (jayodas, las, etc) so thank you for sharing!

E010 - 18g
7mm H101 silverware - 30g
8.5mm H101 silverware - 35g
1103 E-90X (with buzzer) - 42g


This will be my first brushless build and next step up in size from my Rambo whoop. I liked this 85mm frame and ordered it but I’m not sure exactly how to fit it out.


Okay, this kinda came out of nowhere. I’ve been repurposing a number of components, and also experimenting with how to color 3D printed pieces. I was trying for orange (yellow+red Rit dye), but then I got this color, and as the pieces got together, I heard a whisper…

“The Murdock”:

  • Fusion Micro 114 (redux)
  • Eachine Minicube FC + 4in1 ESC
  • Racerstar BR1103B 10000KV motors (1-3S)
  • RotorX 1RX2535SB props
  • Orange R111XN
  • Horns by Sculpey

Just completed up to the first pic. Still trying to be artful with hot glue, but it’s not happening.

Busy weekend ahead, but hopefully I can maiden this soon.

Pro tip: the frame was purchased blue, but I wrapped it in cotton gauze, doused with alcohol, then let sit in a ziploc baggie for a day. The color came off pretty easily, not down to bleached white, but enough that I could re-color it and not see any of the prior color.


3D printed quad,


I like the green shag! I’m building myself a 3D printer this summer. What do you use?


Hi, i use cheap wanhao i3 v2 3D printer


Cool. That one looks like a nice one. You like it?


Yes off course, haven’t got to fly “her” outside yet since we have quite much snow here in northern part of Finland, but indoors it’s a pocket rocket :grinning:


@NotFastEnuf hey dude!

This is the Rotorious g-string frame with an amazing flaming canopy by our very own NotFastEnuf

19.8g w/o lipo
MMW 19000kv insanes
Props? Possibly paper airplane ones?
Fc is Furibee with the plugs shifted to the other side, board flipped, sbus hacked into it and better radio code flashed.

Nice, strong frame which should take some punishment and beautifully made canopy which also feels like it will take all I can throw at it.

Thanks a bundle Travis :sunglasses:


Jeez, that’s purdy! Looks like a lot of fun, and a design that fits my needs. Pre-orders?


Wow man!!! That looks spectacular! Thanks for putting my creation on such a unique frame and setup that you clearly put a ton of work into!!! I’m honored :blush:


Cheers! Should be available in a couple of weeks, limited runs of these.


I promised you I’d do your creations justice (as well as doing my best to “test” them)
I will arrange to have one of these sent to you to play with. Reward for all your great contributions to the cause.


You’re too kind!! That’s totally unnecessary! Don’t worry too much about testing … just enjoy them!!! I’ve been bombing around in a silverized e011 tonight and it’s just insane!!! I feel like I’m flying a brushless quad inside. Can’t wait to give it a fitting paint job too!!!


I am very pleased to present my first assembled FC,
The AlienFlightNG F4 Quad Brushed.

AlienFlightNG F4 Quad Brushed FC
Lemon DSMX Sat RX
MMW CL-0820-17 Dark Edition
Kingkong Q25 AIO
Kingkong Q100 frame


Decided to put my cricket camera on this little beast of a dreamcatcher instead of the Dragon frame posted above. With insane black motors from MMW ( CL-0820-18 ) and an alienflight classic narrow, it is much peppier than the stock qx-90 or 95 by far. Dvr to come but I’m trying to manage not crashing it indoors flying for longer than 30 seconds with this power ( and no prop guards as I don’t have the right size for these ).


Here is my 3rd attempt at an f3 spRacing evo.
So far no satellite issues. The bag this one came in had different writing and QC stickers everywhere.




Slammed it into a tree of endore yesterday.
I have decided to make my favorite frame last a bit longer by doubleing up the weak part…