Show us your builds!


Congrats! I love mine! What’s the weight? Replace the metal hardware with nylon if you have them :wink:


Sitting at 64g dry weight… definitely on the heavy side but it’s still really fast and the tune is great! I’ll have to replace the metal parts with nylon! :grin:


:alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien::alien:This is a test bed build to try out my first self built fc. It’s an Alienflightng F4 hex board but running as a quad for now. The strong winds are making testing outside tricky and in my small livingroom it’s a bit dangerous :flushed:
All I had in the parts bin were a set of unknown spec motors from an RcLogger EOX, some Speedix 20A blheli-s escs, Gemfan 5046 bullnose props and a Picnicquads eox polycarb frame. Bolt 500mAh HV 2s for now until I pick up some 3s.
It’s really the fc I’m showing off :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::alien:


ahhh this thing is beautiful… freaking beautiful!!! cant wait to see more pics, or videos!


I’ll make a little video of it’s DVR this weekend! It’s sooooooo fast!


Had a great afternoon, not even a lost prop!


Meant to post this up last week.

It’s a RotouriousFpv LB97

Tight build, but I like em tidy.

6A 4in1 esc,
Br1103 10000kv motors,
GF3025 cut to 2",
300mAh nanotech.
Auw 64g.

On general sale in a few weeks if anyone wants a link.


That’s not the build with the JST30 on the back standoff, right? You did that on a Bobo 95, right?

If so, how come you didn’t do that here? I think that standoff move is the shizzle.


That wasn’t me, I think @las built that one. I did think about mounting the connector that way but altering m2 standoffs is a challenge. Next time ok :wink:


Holy Mixed-up Micro Motor Maniacs, Batman!

Pardon, @Chaotix, and it was a full M3 standoff:


Aaaaaa the glove!


Got the kinks unkinked from my rebuild of my Atom 83 (original), and added a canopy (dry fit here, with plenty of space underneath!!!).

Flicked it around the backyard… I might be in love.

p.s. I’m going to explore some dye work on the canopy.


Thats sweet @burtlo . what props are those?


FuriousFPV 1935-4s

I like 'em a lot.


Uploaded my maiden with my KT100. In this video it was horribly tuned. Got it flying perfect now.


48g without battery.
Awesome E90 frame at BG $10


Is that a tx02 on there? I find mine gets in the way of props unless I trim them way down. Also were you able to get any cam tilt with that setup?
I found that I had to split to get things to fit in there. I’ll post pics of mine soon.


It’s a TX03. The trick: take a dremel to that hole in the top plate. Barely an mm removed… mostly just need to square off the back of the hole so the square portion of the antenna board can sit flush. This allows the camera sit back a bit and allows for a little bit of tilt too. I also drilled a small hole just above where the button is to allow easy access from above.


55g flight weight with camera without guards. Durable. Camera is piggybacked to the power input of the FC.


Finished up a fire hydrodip for the makerfire whoop. Slapped in some 59k red racerstars and it’s a nice indoor combo.