Show us your builds!


Yea im definitely a fan this thing will take a beating im new to acro so its had some rough crashes, hard enough to unplug things, but barely has a scratch on it and its cheap got mine for $2 during chinese new year😁


That’s one of the things I like! Lots of motor protection too.
I did dentist break my first one, some very hard crashes and then rx fail 40 or 50’ up did it in.

I bought two more.


Love the colorful props :slight_smile: Looks good!

Nice one @bronco79, bet it warps on 2s


is that the tpu pod for the keni 97? that’s awesome… i wouldn’t mind some waterproofing of the keni :slight_smile: the little ripper that could get soaked!


Thanks are they afunta 55mm props im very happy with them durable and balanced.yea it definitely has some pep on 2s lol


Decided to build up a Banggood BoBo 95mm CF frame with a 20mm F3 FC, 6A (2-3S) Racerstar V2 Blheli_S ESC, Furious FPV MicroRx Eachine EF-02 and my old set of RotorX 1105B’s from the RS-90.

Swapped the supplied standoffs with RS-90 2mm nylon hardware and it looks much better. Had to trim the upper deck for the camera to fit, shouldn’t be a problem when crashing I hope!

Would love to fly it, but I seem to have fried a motor - which is disappointing! Waiting for a replacement from the UK which should hopefully be here by the end of the week…

52g without a battery.


Just finished this up. Scratch built frame from g10. 1806 spinning 3" on 4s. Hydro dipped flames. Light in the shop doesn’t do it justice but can’t resist sharing a pic anyway…


That thing looks completely awesome!
I like the antenna holder built into the top plate too.

This is what I was (re)building this evening:

Rear motor MOSFETs lost their smoke seals.
Actually burnt a couple craters into the frame too.
Replaced them and it’s happy now though.


Yikes, the death spot. Good story to go along with that? Can’t wait to put this build in the air. I foolishly designed the frame for looks and not functionality - rear props dangerously close to power lead. Thinking about cutting into the hydro now to mount the deans on top of the frame like a pcb mount. Will probably fly it first and tempt fate though…


Being bold and taking some inspiration from those around here who for their 8.5mm like a 6mm. Zooming around the outside of the house, through the gates, etc.
Overcorrected a little bit and stuffed it into the driveway with air mode still on. I have video but haven’t reviewed it yet.
I think that was the last straw for the slowly failing MOSFETs, plugged the next battery in and got some lovely crackling sounds and smoke.

Those two motors had been running briefly when the battery was plugged in, I think they’d been failing for a while. With the new MOSFETs nothing even twitches.

Next up is ordering some of digikey’s 9.3a jobbies.

Rear motors eating the power cable seems… awkward. Bonus Velcro to hold the cable down?


Introducing TSE TSE Fly - 34grams without battery. AUW = 45grams with 410mah lipo.

TinyF3 EVO
Redcon DSMX Diversity Satellite RX
Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera
Phoenix Flight Gear Carbon Fiber 90mm Micro-H Nano QX Frame

Everything is “neatly” tucked-inside shrink-tubing. Antennas run along the sides - Signal still goes farther than my video, so no major loss here for me.

I could possibly shed some grams if I used a Scisky FC/RX.

I would compare it’s power to that of a Shelby Cobra. (Loving’ that heat shrink tubing’!)


This is a first video I recorded with it!

I’m still flying in level mode though.


Nice job, thanks for sharing that w us


Nice location to fly with, love the confusion of the Cat :wink:


My first real brushless build! It’s so fast! KT100 frame.


Just mocking up the build.


What length are you going to cut down your gem fan 3025’s to?


I think 50-55mm. Whatever fits. 52mm worked on the BEE-90.

Have to say again… this is the best carbon frame in terms of production quality I’ve seen


This frame look cool, but the arms look really small, wonder how it survive crash. I crash Bobo frame so many time but it still solid.


The arms are very thick. I’m looking forward to building that frame as well… sitting in queue.