Show us your builds!


That’s whate happens @Vendra :smiley: If you crash it means you fly :smiley:



My Little 2s Frankenstein


  1. Voodoo Quads Micro Voo 115mm H-Frame
  2. RJX 8520 8.5 x 20mm 2S Brush Motor
  3. SP RACING F3 EVO Brushed FC strapped for 2s
  4. KingKong Q25 25mw micro camera/vtx
  5. 7mm buzzer
  6. Kingkong 65mm Blade Propeller
  7. Usmile DSMX Satellite with bind button
  8. 2s 400mAh 30c Lipo with Micro Losi Connector (23g)
  9. RakonHeli Micro 5 LEDs Boards (White Front, Blue Rear)
  10. 2mm Rubber Matt w/ 32x2mm O-Ring for battery tie-down
    Total Flying Weight: 84g


It really came out well, it looks amazing … any issues with the vtx getting hot within the skin?


Thanks! Not that I’ve noticed… I’ve got other issues to address… props looser than I like, mostly. And, at the moment, I only have two 2S batteries, and the smaller seems to have an issue; wouldn’t power the quad at first, then got hot quickly – a little baffled as, later, it seemed to work fine. I guess I’ll be reviewing wiring.

The quad flew nicely, though, and I was flying it with a Mobius mini underneath!.. I might have video to share, I’ll get to that in a few.


That would be great … I bet it can really get out of it’s own way. Good luck with the issues, I know I’m fighting loose prop issues with mine as well. 2s power with 1mm brushed shafts don’t necessarily mix well.
Happy flying!!


Use the floss trick to tighten up those props guys. Put a short piece through the prop hole and push on shaft, use 2 bits for a really loose one. Trim excess, no more prop fly aways.
@Hawki how’s the performance on the 2s?


Hi Chaotix, I am using floss for the props, it’s just a pain when they should be fitting in the first place.
The 2s performs very well … I notice a speed difference which is nice, but where I see the biggest difference is I now have the power to maintain control in windy conditions much better than before. Overall, I’m impressed and having fun with it.


This is my custom Micro H from MMW. I cut the top plate to fit my tx03. The rest of the build list will be AF FC, 8020-15, Lemon Sat/Rx, and the clear props as seen. But the most expensive part of them all is obviously the blk electrical tape. Plus, at the bottom is some landing pads and with the battery at the back top provides perfect balance.


Nice job, personal fav of mine!



here are my latest scratch build based on the H8 mini blue board.

I have named the frame Hawkeye H8 and it´s currently in the test phase.
The Frame is completly 3D printed with different materials.
The base structure was printed with PLA, the motormounts with Flexifill & the lipo holder on bottom with Filaflex for high stretchability.
The maiden flight was a few days ago and give me with 750 mAh Graphene lipos a flight time of approximately 5 min. with Fpv cam. Without something around 8 min.
The lipo comes out between 3,5 & 3,7 V.
Overall im very pleased with the first flight performance but some PID tuning is still needed in any case.

Here some shots from desk…

Hope you like it :wink:


Woah sweet looks! And it’s orange, I love orange! :heart_eyes: :tangerine:


Thanks, @Kamsleo69.


I agree with @JBFPV. In the words of my wife, “Now, that’s just LOVELY”. @eXzez


Thanks my friends @Dnex1 @JBFPV , was a long way with many try and fails of printing to get a good balance of stability and weight, but i think i´m on the right way now…

And best thanks to your wife! @Dnex1


Lovely piece of design there @eXzez




Need a long antenna?
Props keep chopping your whip?
Well now with tronaton’s gargon snot you can have a long one and not get chopped.


Chapeau bas @eXzez, I love this build!


Well, since I destroyed my Efficiency 100mm, I had to resurrect my Stingray 120mm build. Now with 30 degree angle and low profile antenna.

Waiting on some MMW Dark Edition 17.8k’s to make it ZOOOM!

It’s not as nimble as the Picnic (5g heavier) and a little stretched, but it is low profile and can carve like crazy.

Can’t wait to try the Darks in this:


This is my first build a hobbymate q100 f3 board on 2s its a beast


I have a couple of those frames, I like them a lot.