Show us your builds!


Rebuilt the Micro brushless:

Maiden hopefully today, after I get out of this office…


Interesting… that looks like leather ?!


It’s 3D printed, and bent into shape with a lighter after the print :wink:
Turned out really neat I think!


Weight stats? What frame is that? You and @tronaton are killing me with these micro builds… :smiley: killing me with inspiration! I wanted to stop building small after my 130 brushless rig, but the temptation to go smaller is just getting rediculous!

I’m going to complete my current build before I even start looking into parts for a micro brushless… I don’t want to get too ahead of myself, and I want to be able to fully pay attention to ever last detail like the builds you pros make!

So many amazing builds on this thread… for fun I just scroll up and down the timeline just to admire the beauty’s everyone in the community has created…


It’s the Realacc KT100 frame, with a 3D printed canopy I designed. Weight is 45 grams w/o battery. Was getting brownouts with my last build (Bobo 95) so I rebuilt it, resoldered everything and changed the way the ESC’s and FC is fed (now seperate wires) hoping it’s fixed now. Performance is really nice when it works!


Would you mind sharing the canopy on thingiverse? I have a KT100 and would love to try it out.


Sure, but I’ma have to test it first and maybe do some changes. Not completely happy with the screws right now. But I will do when I think it’s good!


Thanks! :smile:


Due to finding an old Arduino I was wondering what to do with it. By Googling I found multiple drones. Liked it and my first build was born:

Motors: Racerstar 8520 upgraded version
QX95 Frame, Walkera props and 600mAh batteries.
Weight is 46 grams including battery


New China Special build!
E010 frame, boiled.
Furibee f3 FC, flipped over so the motor plugs point up, with the motor plugs removed. Accessible USB!
Kado’s “race” motors.
Rakonheli props.
@NotFastEnuf canopy.
Vm275t with antennae mounted upside down and the tab cut off.

Took a bit of learning and resource command to get it happy, but now it’s happy!

Going out to the field too fly it (among other things) tomorrow!


My latest, completed earlier today (build journal here).

Fusion Micro 114 frame
Racerstar 1103 10000KV
Eachine Minicube FC
Eachine Minicube 4in1 ESC
CM275T camera
47g without battery


thats a blue meanie if i ever saw one.

i love to see/hear some los footage of that.


dude, this has got to be by favor my absolutely FAVORITE micro brushless build ive ever seen… It’s so clean looking, and the buzzer placement and everything about it looks freaking extra tidy. I wonder how it flies this way! I hate to always ask you but DVR plz! :smiley:


This looks amazing! So well built, and clean! Looks like its going to be able to handle some tumbles! :smiley: excellent job man!


Thanks! DVR is coming, it flies like a dream! Best micro I ever built! Flies like a big one, crashes like a little one! Love it! :sunglasses:


Sooooooooo wanting to build it dude. I hope you don’t mind, but I may follow your footsteps on that build with that frame… It looks like a frame that is too good of an opportunity to pass on… and its only ten bucks!


You may consider getting the RotoriousFPV RIP 120 frame @quadlifepro, it’s the premium quality frame similiar to the KT100. Also a bit lighter :slight_smile:
Much more expensive though so if funds are tight the KT will be better choice :smiley:


Hey, this is my current build. First quad for me as I’m new to the hobby! I am looking to use a 3D printed frame.


Love it! That’s what this hobby is about.


Thanks! But I’m going to destroy that antenna really soon! It gets bended almost every flight