Show us your builds!


What frame and thickness is that?
I like that it’s wider at the wrists.
That’s where I break my frames.
I love the canopy.


It looks like a Smart 100
I love this frame - practically bullet-proof and also light. There are different versions of the deck as one is sized for a micro-type AIO and the other one is sized for a tx-0# type of AIO - I ended up with 2 of 1 type and 1 of the other - same order - go figure :slight_smile:


@JBFPV, @marapet, @PJC, @Chaotix, and all interested in FPV with micro RC cars: I was wasting time on Youtube and found this fantastic video of a Tiny Whoop chasing a micro RC car via FPV. Looks like good fun! :smiley:

Any updates on people’s micro RC car FPV projects? :wink:


@chime13 is correct. It’s a smart100 upside down. I think they are 2mm thick. The motors are nothing special - just the stock ones that came with the rtf. I took the fc out and replaced it with a scisky. It wasn’t a rocketship for vertical punch but it had no lack of power either and was pretty fast in forward flight. Pretty fun to fly. Need to tune it - I pushed past the limits of whatever was loaded on my scisky a few times and tumbled through the air on a windy day. Current “out of tune” makes it pretty loose - sliding pretty far put around corners. Lots of fun though - enough fun that I flew on all my packs and will tune another day!


I was just thinking of that today. Took a look at the only micro rc car here though and it’s hubs are bent up pretty bad. (My 2yr old) would be a pretty bumpy ride so I think I’m putting the extra fpv gear in a wing instead.


i received my frames today.
Did some drilling,
and epoxy binding!

“two eclairs on a raft and wreckem!”


she shall be named “the gargon” in reference to “teenagers from outer space”…


:frowning: ur killing meeeeee with all ur sick brushless micro builds!!!


But on the other side of things, boy am i excited and so extremely happy for you. :smiley:


i hope its not going to be too front heavy.
I thought of this after the chop. :expressionless:
I will slide the battery back as far as i can.


I’ve also got a similar chop planned on my next 3in build with the JJRC p130 frame. I’m worried about the exact same thing. Fingers crossed for us. You’re ahead of me on completion though - looking forward to your results.


This isn’t my next build that I’m working on.
Racerstar 1306
Gemfan 3035
10A esc
Realacc GX210 FCfrom BG
Kingkong AIO camera and vtx
GT 130 frame


Sorry. Auto correct. That is my next build


Awesome work, I love seeing photos of your builds!! Just be careful of that CF dust, use a facemask and vacuum when cutting/grinding it. Or run it under a stream of water as you do it. :smile:


Yep. Learned that through CF splinters in my hands after grinding.


I just came up with a plan to build with all 4 esc on the rear arms 2 on top 2 under. This is just a preliminary trial plan to counter balance a bit and may change once all is on the bench in a week or two.

midnight’s GT 130 frame looks similar. it may not really be a serious issue.


The fleet grows!
Vtx is laid back parallel to and above the FC. Italian racing header wire management style (alternatively, Lucas Electrics wire management).
Vm275t aio, eachine AIOF3 FC, frsky edition. Kados 14700/v motors, afunta props.
Flies like it has dubious PIDs and low rates, which it does, but that I can fix easily enough. Liking the osd!
Battery voltage and rssi work great.
Battery current does not work.
Artificial horizon is far too slow to be useful.


Update to the onboard dvr:
almost useless
Too much lag to fly fast fwd flight
Can’t recommend this, will be swapping out

Eachine DVR03 DVR AIO 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mW/200mW Switchable VTX 520TVL 1/4 Cmos FPV Camera


There are two options that exist for what you wanted to accomplish. Both are re purposed parts from rtf toys. Both run with acceptable latency & record 720p video. However I found that they have a “digital” type behavior on fpv feed in that you can tell you’re watching compressed video. No dropped frames or lag - just a slightly bigger gap in between frames that doesn’t favor fast motion - sort of a blur if you will… I can get you more info and video comparisons if you’re set on recording on board.


Thanks man,
I’ve moved on however.
Too much other cool stuff to play with😁


evolution of the super whoop


the 1 on the left is the next micro project gotto be the insane 8.5mm I think as it’s double framed and will have leds on back to practice acro stunts. Not long been in the hobby but loving it