Show us your builds!


Now that is really next-level @tronaton. Keep updating the thread! Awesome work


New build journal:

I’m a lucky guy, with all the mistakes I made on this one. I was so impatient to build something, frustrated because a lot of my recent purchases didn’t fit one way or another. Details, details… it’s one of the aspects of this hobby that I really want to get a handle on; which measurements need to match across components.

Not quite done, binding remains, and my first opportunity to try my Taranis X7, fresh out of the box.


I’m with ya there! I’ve spent quite a bit on parts that werent the right size or I didn’t need… I’ve just threw it in the cart impulsively. in going to focus on precision measurements on my future builds as well, prior to order the parts. I want to map the builds out entirely, per gram and per part prior to making any purchases in terms of components… this way I can feel like I engineered my quads on a deeper level… :slight_smile:

your new found energy to focus on detail, and your ability to be extremely thorough will lead to the cleanest looking builds possible. The future brings so many shiny, clean tidy quads my friend!


I’d love to plan things out ahead of time, and I’m definitely learning what I need to consider, but some of these attributes are hard to find or not included. I haven’t looked exhaustively, but I motor shaft width isn’t clear on all motor product pages. Mounting hole distance and patterns are only in schematics, not in attribute listings either. Even just a table that says "this range of motors has this sized " would be good general info.


I present to you guys, my favorite new toy:

rotorious FPV crook 110 frame
18 dark edition motors
MultiFlite pico v1.0 with buzzer
Lemon rx
Tx02 camera
Afunta 55mm props

All I can say is WOW, at 61g with my heaviest battery, and 55g with my lightest battery this thing RIPS!!!

A few things I would like to say about the build. Everything is completely modular, every component just plugs into the pico , which I LOVE. Makes for a very easy quad to work on.

The crook 110 frame is IMO one of the greatest frames ever designed. It is stupid sturdy, does not bend, and it is extremely lightweight!!! Such a genius design, and everything even to the motor mounts was well thought out and the entire design IMO is flawless.

Next, the motors - @benedikt omgoodness these things rip!!! Not only are they STUPID fast, but they are really smooth sounding and QUIET compared to the cheaper motors I’ve used in the past. I will be stocking up that’s for sure. They are SMOOTH and catch with the perfect amount of thrust for precision results!

Tx02 - amazing camera, it picks up amazing clarity for the price, I love this camera to pieces. Very user friendly.

MultiFlite pico - this board is flat out the sickest board I’ve ever seen in my life. (I’ve not held an alien yet, that is next) but omg OUTSTANDING board. Well designed, the LED lights look amazing and function as well as they look. The buzzer port is outstanding, and of course my favorite part about it - everything is plug and play! :smiley:
My txo2 had not even the slightest bit of reception issues… the MultiFlite pico has the cleanest 5v power supply ever for that camera… Not even a tiny blip on the screen in terms of motor noise… also the buzzer works flawlessly, and even beeps for battery voltage monitoring!!! :smiley: and it’s an accurate monitor as well… so excited about this board…

lemon rx- no reception issues whatsoever. Flew super far away no signal loss or drop outs… really reliable RX

Afunta props 55mm - I love them like crazy, they at incredibly sturdy and fit soooo snug to the motor shaft I don’t ever really worry about those popping off mid flight…

Now without further ado, the pictures!


Lovely build mate, I’ve just shared it with Jack the Rotorious boss


Thank you, I couldn’t have done it without your help. And @thexboxblaster thank you for suggesting this frame to me. it has made my year! :smiley:

It actually felt brushless at times IMO. I it actually had upwards momentum after punch outs lol had me smiling the entire time! Like a little brushed roller coaster with the 18 dark editions… can’t wait to go fly it 2moro!


Happy to help :grinning:
That Crook is the top seller, handles very well. Believe it or not I’ve built a few for other folk but mine is still in the package. You’ve inspired me to build her up in the next couple of days. I do like the quality of the carbon fibre, shows up the cheapness of the Banggood etc frames. Let it rip!


I can see why it’s a top seller… and yes quality of carbon fiber is beyond supreme. the design of the frame is also STRONG. lol compared to other frames it has basically no flex… some serious thought went into the design of that frame lol and all the 3D printed parts have just the right amount of flex that I wouldn’t worry at all about them breaking. yesss!!! Build it up man, Let Me know what you think! :smiley: camera angle tilt is also perfect… not sure of the exact degree but very nice, its pretty easy to land and control a hover… I usually fly 70g 8.5mm indoors, this one I am scared to tho lol the motors are too spicy! :wink:

Edit: now going to invest in DVR options… it is finally time with This new frame


No problem at all mate :slight_smile: I have the frame too, so I knew it is well worth recommending! I’m glad you like it :smiley: What I think makes it superb is the low weight, and also the design of the arms - the empty space in the middle allows air to move through, making it slip through air pretty well :slight_smile: Maybe that’s what allows for the upward momentum you mention?
Good choice with the darks too, would be a shame to use any worse motors with a frame like this :smiley:


Finally got my blade transferred to the polycarb frame, also underneath a tbs unify race 200mw vtx, pigtail back to the antenna, and a night wolf cam glued on lol. I need to get the camera plate for this and mount it properly but it’s like a rock on there. Fun flyer!


I think I need a crook lol.


That’s a nice setup! Cannot wait to see some DVR of it. I’ve thought about trying Darks on my Efficiency Build, but I’m using the nanoQX FVP2 FC, and I don’t think it will handle that much KV. These little 100mm-ish 8.5 builds are totally the best bang for your buck, and set up right, they are almost indestructible. I fly mine with no fear compared to any of my other quads.


The rotorious fpv frames are great - I had a crook and currently have a puck, I use 7mm motors and inside the hubsan x4 107d prop guard, if you run 8mm motors the regular hubsan prop guard works. They are great frames and great customer service.


Basically all the guts out of my whoop (broke a second duct, it was over for that frame anyway) stuffed into a very light frame. Lots of connector removal and wire shortening still to be done too.


Very cool! Is this frame 3d printed? Looks very light indeed! I wonder how durable will it be, but if it’s 3d printed I guess it can be swapped easliy. Nice!


Yup, 3d printed frame. Not too bad to swap parts around at all.
Durability isn’t great, but the penalty for breaking it is quite low so it’s not a huge issue.


Actually the Acro Whoop frame without the ducts I’m using on my ultralight hasn’t broken in months. I printed like 30 of these things but I’m not breaking any… lol
It feels really flimsy but because the whoop has so little mass, it just doesn’t break. Talking hundreds of crashes onto concrete / wood and the only damage was worn and bent props… :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Once my bucket of triblades arrives from China the guards are coming off!
Though with the new lower weight I need to try 2 and 4 blade props again.


I’ve tried 2 blades but it gave me less punch. 4 blades is still my favorite. Haven’t tried 3 blades but I can’t imagine it giving more punch then 4. (All I want is punch punch punch lol)