Show us your builds!


ok can’t wait to get this frame now!


Nice photo @tronaton, a quick pit-stop it seems :smiley:

That camera looks a little bit out of place there haha @PJV :smiley: But fits perfectly, that’s true. It gets the job done and that’s most important :stuck_out_tongue:


My new favorite! Well I’m actually torn between this one and my Smart100 build. I hate advertising without due compensation, but I love the Nano canopy. I’m seriously going to look into the Vacuum forming Whoop Canopy thread to take it to the next level and possibly roll my own.

This MScisky FC has been through a lot, including but not limited to: 3 inches of water, 3 burned-out mosfets, many many motors, 3 different frames and it is still ROCK SOLID (yay for me…)

I’m running Sidewinders with generic Hubsan props.

The frame is a PFG110mm Carbon Fiber Micro-H Frame 8mm Motor Edition V2 Frame

My original FPV camera - mullet-ed - has also survived water landings but due to lousy reception, I sheared off the antenna stem recently. I soldered a Crazepony dipole, and inside my apartment, with just a 1s attached to the camera, beautiful picture….Crank the motors and you see what’s on the video.

Tuned it in less than 10 minutes using the procedure described on one of my previous posts. BUT - have a look at the image.

Add a Polulo? Shielding? location of VTX? Help…… :slight_smile:

Without battery = 35/36g
AUW = 50g with 500mah lipo


Stellar build weight! Well done. Let me know if you need any tips on vacuum forming! You could copy/modify that canopy design to your liking in a flash!


E010S frame and beebrain, ef-02 camera, Kados 19.6’s. All up weight 23g w/150 mah. Flight time 3:45 with all the weight cuts from the lightest parts.


8.5mm motors? if so that is fantastic weight


Yes @quadlifepro - Spintech Sidewinders 0820 motors. (I wish I could get a hold of some MMW insane ones)
There really isn’t much more I can do to save weight - I owe it all the incredible PFG frame.
For me, it’s all about the weight, especially at my altitude. I try to remove whatever superfluous gadgetry to save weight and battery draw. That’s another reason I don’t go over 500mah LiPo sized batteries - the weight of a heavier battery would probably be too much to recover from an accelerated drop.
For example: On another build - ever since I enabled the accelerometer, I lost about 1 minute of flight time, so time to disable it.

Now I’m just wrestling with the video interference. Soldering a Polulo to see if I have filtering issues right now. Dang - that’s about an additional gram! :slight_smile:


In my experience, the spektrum vtx is very sensitive to vibrations. Not sure whether this explains the horizontal lines, but you could try soft mounting it on some spunge to dampen the vibrations.


Built myself a Micro brushless this weekend:

Racerstar 1103 10000kv motors
Racerstar 2035 props
Racerstar 4in1 6A ESC
Pico BLX clone
Realacc Bobo 95 frame (BG)
2S 350mah mylipo

Weight around 45 grams without battery
With battery: 65 grams

First impressions of a quick stormy maiden yesterday: Pretty good, needs some tuning, not as much power as my 4S build but the fact that I’m even comparing it to that says enough. It’s easy to forget you are flying a tinywhoop sized quad. Got around 3 minutes of flight time coming down at 3.7 volts. Beeper screaming critical voltage at that time so it needs some adjustments.

Had some trouble with the build, apart from it being very tiny: first, the 4in1 ESC I received was faulty, 2 motors were twitching and didn’t spin. Luckily I had another one, replaced it and it worked fine so I’m gonna test out Banggood’s support for the first time, hope I get a replacement.

Second problem: The 4in1 install was confusing, couldn’t find any info anywhere how to set it up so I had to think myself. It has power leads so I figured I would connect the battery to that and run the FC off the 5v output. This worked, however the FC could then not read the battery voltage (duh). Apart from that, all worked fine until I turned on the power of the TX03 to 200mw. Things started to crap out, vtx channel constantly changing and not responding anymore, some motors spinning up randomly. Turns out running the FC + receiver + 200mw vtx off the 5V output of the 4in1 is not a good idea. :joy:

So I had to fully disassemble it again, and ran 2 seperate wires from 4in1 battery connection to the FC voltage input, and it’s working great now. Lesson learned.


dvr! dvr! dvr! dvr! :smiley:

nice looking micro dude. how LOUD is it compared to your other builds, brushed and brushless?


That’s very similar to the size and specs of what I’ll build up next weekend on a Rotorious LB97 frame. Will be interesting to compare them, especially as the frame layout is also not straight X. I’ll be using cut down gf3025 on mine.


I have some DVR from yesterday but I feel it doesn’t do it justice. Lots of wind, needs tuning, and grey weather. Maybe I can make something out of it tonight, if not hopefully Wednesday I can give it some proper flight time.

It’s not too loud, but a very high pitched screaming sound because of the small 4 blade props. Definitely a lot louder than any brushed model. I’m pretty in love with it because it’s so small and light!


good to know! I had a feeling no matter how small brushless get, they will probably always be louder than the brushed models lol

what kind of DVR do you use?


I use the built in DVR of the Fatshark Dominator SE goggles. Very convenient. Before that, I used an USB OTG to Easycap device to smartphone, and then record the smartphone screen. Was a bit better quality and also captures the Smartphones audio which is nice.

But it’s a hassle with the wires and apps. Sometimes the app would crash, a notification would pop-up or the connection would come loose and I’d loose the footage of that sick roll to split S through the tree and I’d be pissed… :cry:


That’s a light little whoop! How did you keep the weight so low? Also how are you liking that EF-02? I have one for the Nifty and my goggles are on their way. I do need to split the boards though. Would also love to see some flight footage!

@JBFPV Your work is always amazing, glad I can quickly keep up with it on instagram and get the full details here. :+1:


I love the ef-02 and thanks. It’s lighter than the vm275T. Shaved weight on the camera with the dipole too. Running a light fc - 3 grams. Short battery leads( whoop and pack), short camera leads, no fc grommets, 2 blade props, e010s frame. Everything I can to chop weight without cutting the frame. It flies awesome! ! Flight footage soon when I get my dvr back from my bro!


I’ve had a set of 1103s waiting for a frame… expecting it today. Lovely quad, @JBFPV! Inspiring!


I’ll have to put a whip on mine too. Or that simple 2 wire mod that @Bobnova posted the other day. I was thinking about switching as much as possible to magnet wire also. Glad to hear it’s working well though!


Just finished this pod…

Air arsenal pod
Tx02 with whip
Lemon RX

This is going on a 90mm eclair 2in build.
2 frames will be bonded to make one 3mm thick frame.
I will use an f3 sp racing fc and 20a racerstar v2 escs.
With dys 6500kv motors.
I may be shaving the eclair down front and back depending how the pod will fit.
this will be on 3s.


so sick!!! looks amazing. You are so color oriented, even your lighters color match in your pictures! :wink: lmao