Show us your builds!


Since I broke my parrot frame/scisky board I decided to upgrade to an f3 set up for brushed LOS.

this a dreamcatcher frame, with 14500kv motors 55mm afunta props, lemon rx, and an evo f3 brushed board … it’s been tuned pretty decently so far, almost at 100% :slight_smile: and the best thing about it is it has a functioning buzzer! 34.5g auw , 55g with my heaviest battery! :slight_smile:

I have to say this evo f3 board has been a dream to work with… I’ve had 2 now and they seem to be extra reliable and well made for the price… (20 bucks on prime! )

I must say this frame is my favorite brushed LOS frame so far… it’s so much fun, and so funny when it crashes and snaps back together again lol I decided to go with the seeded watermelon color combo, seeing as the bands that come with it are very watermelon like lol

It also has already been stuck on the roof at work while tuning… lol

another revision -

All white dreamcatcher with 65mm props… tuned to fly like a stock FC :slight_smile: I miss the days of my RTF, so this is my version of my own personal RTF stock fc tune :smiley:
Also, I decided to tuck the antennas of the lemon RX into the side of the bands to keep them from getting damaged by props in a crash… this particular set up works awesome for a LOS quad where you don’t need to worry too much about losing signal when flying too far away…

EDIT: RIP dreamcatcher build… You will be missed!


That’s really awesome! I’ve been thinking about this, but I have not much experience with servo’s. Any link to how to configure a servo on a brushed FC? What’s the weight on that thing and how is the punch? I was looking at building a Y style hexacopter so I don’t have to use a servo :slight_smile:


Cheers. Very much just a proof of concept that. Weight too heavy, punch haha. But it flew, so I’ll refine and rebuild, 7mm possibly. I’ll start a thread on it soon.


Cool! I love this kind of non-ordinary stuff! Might as well go 8.5mm right away. I’m going to either build a tinywhoop style 8.5mm hexacopter, or a 8.5mm hexa Y copter. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


@JBFPV: Not wanting to use a tail servo for a tri-copter just reminded me of the Quark 130 Micro BL V-tail. Design is by user TheMadCADer on RCG, and kit is available on AP. Absolutely love that design! Unfortunately, I never had a chance to order/build one. It’s actually designed for 30x30 electronics, so could be made much lighter with 20x20 FC and 4-in-1 ESC now.


Reminds me of this (brushed) thing:

Probably too heavy for me though. I’m thinking of something like this for a brushed build:

I’m thinking it allows the frame to be relatively small and light, and having the power of six motors, it might fly well.


Dreamcatchers have to be my favorite frames. I love how they crash! I can’t imagine a better frame for LOS acro.


Changed up for black on the indoor e010 beater. Not bad considering the vtx/cam is the heavier kingkong q25


I was looking at these frames and they are 29 grams just the frame it seems from the rc-drones site. Did this frame seem heavy to you when you fly? I thin tronoton has one as well. Just deciding whether to stick with my plastic stock frame and replace it when it needs it, or to get one of these, but don’t want it to be too heavy like it was with the armattan morphite. I have a foxeer night wolf cam and a vtx on the top of the plastic frame, I see a benefit to these frames is that the air cools it down inside, but not sure how much that matters.


being silly and a made a popsicle stick frame lol
Flight Video here


It’s about 18 grams heavier than my stock build, but I don’t notice it, especially with the tri blades. The tri’s are fragile though. It’s really fun to fly and its about a billion times stronger.


Not so silly @ahlod :slight_smile: Back in December I did the same thing here:

It did fly great and I made an even smaller version (no photo) that was just insane but all it took was one hard landing…hahaha


950 nanotech
gem fan 200qx props
Just add a 5v step down and a tx02 and it will be a decent cruiser.


that thing is sick dude… absolutely sick! the lights look amazing.


thank you!
i lost a surface mount led on it so i had to go back to stock leds.
i gave it to my much appreciated fellow pilot friend to start him off on brushless fpv.
we will be txo2 and polu modding it today.
im excited for him.


Nice! Im excited for him too! i wish him the best of times in this crazy awesome hobby.


It’s been a long time comin’ but I give you: The Johnny Cash Whoop. AKA “The Whoop In Black”

  • MakerFire F3
  • E010 Frame
  • @NotFastEnuf Shanghai Canopy
  • Rakon Heli Black Tri Props
  • CrazePony AIO cam
  • RaceDay Quads 19k motors

At first I only put the Rakon Tri’s on for the picture as I haven’t been super impressed by them, but in this combo (I tried 2, and 4 as well) it’s pretty nice. I’m practicing some “delicate” and “precision” stuff (more on that later) and these props make you keep your throttle higher than normal, but they deliver more resolution (I feel) up in the 75-100% range.

I flew TONS of batteries this morning with this setup and gotta say…it’s pretty AND it flies great!


that looks so cool! my polycarb frame arrives Monday. I have a night wolf cam and a tbs unify race vtx - where did you solder your stepdown, to the batt leads?


yes, to the battery leads
you will need to make a ribbon protector,
and drill new front/back standoff holes.
Then sandwich the fc and esc in with foam snug.


I need to upgrade my VTX at some point…right now I have a CrazePony AIO cam with a 1s battery velcroed to the side.

I also bought the PFG 3D printed skirt to protect the ribbon and all the internals. Put some heat-shrink around the motor wires and then used 3M Extreme Double Sided tape to hold it on.

The most surprising and unplanned part was mounting the camera. There is a little slot at the front where the official camera mount goes, but my CrazePony kind of fit right in. So, I put 3M tape on the back side on the skirt and it leans at a perfect 25-30 degree angle and hasn’t moved. I then took the camera mount, and took only the top half, and turned it around, so it sticks out a little further than the camera. It TOTALLY protects the antenna AND the lens from most things!

I LOVE the tri-props, but the Sport Props can take a beating! The Tris have more punch and the batteries last 1-3 minutes longer with the tri’s, but the tri’s break a lot quicker.