Show us your builds!


Recent work, from top left, clockwise; heavily influenced by freshly received loom bands and hard lessons on voltage tolerances:

  • Updated Reggae Shark, completed by remounting FC for better aligned orientation, settling on preference for wiring cams to FC with Micro JST male connected to FC
  • Rebuilt Whoop after receiving replacement Beecore, on latest Betaflight.
  • Recently purchased Atom V2, replaced XSR with Lemon Rx Satellite – troublesome process, learned that these sats (perhaps in particular) would NOT operate beyond 3.3V input, yet would also NOT fry with higher input voltage (5V) in spite of behaving as if they had fried.
  • New build with 12mm CF frame + 8.5mm motors – most exciting addition is an Adafruit Neopixel stick! First time playing with the LED Strip tab in Betaflight; interesting to consider what I really want to convey with LEDs.
  • Completed Dreamcatcher 8.5mm, remounted with loom bands – so efficient!

Feeling far more adept at building from scratch, e.g. Beecore, LED platform. Lots more confidence within myself after cranking out all of these mini-projects in just the past few days.


Nice fleet, @burtlo
Now, which one to choose🤔


That’s not even all of them! :slight_smile: I’ve also got my Atom V3 and a QX70C in my airworthy fleet, and I’m eagerly awaiting parts to do at least two micro brushless builds, and a full size brushless (250mm) as well.

The big project that I’m gearing up for is to address my FPV motion sickness. Going to explore different options, so I’m planning on using these various builds for relatively distinct purposes.


Nice fleet! No way, so stoked you have a LOS dreamcatcher! I too am also working a dreamcatcher frame… what FC did you use with it?


Has anyone heard of a successful tpu frame?
Brushless or brushed?


The Dreamcatcher is using this Micro 32bits F3 Brushed board with this DasMikro receiver (which I’ve got mixed feelings about up to this point). I’ve ended up with a couple of these DSF3_EVO Brushed boards that, aside from my first, seem to be working pretty well, esp nice as an AIO.


It is printed in Nylon. The piece that broke off, I reattached partially with CA, partially by melting more nylon onto it with a soldering iron.


Gotcha, @Denovich. It’s nicely printed in Nylon.

Do you think it was just a particularly nasty crash? Or is there a weak point that would warrant a design change to the frame? Either way, cool that you managed to “weld” it back together.


30 feet drop to concrete & high speed into power line… I was surprised that it wasn’t completely shredded. I normally only fly over grass for a reason.

The weak point is definitely going to be where the motor attaches. A little more beef here would be nice. I should have reinforced them with CA like I do with PQ’s motor mounts (same material).


The kingkong 100 had a minor issue:

It has now been reborn with a new frame, RX, and camera!

Little bit of Dremel work and the vm275t fits under the body there, makes it very clean looking.


Auw with 600mAh:


Alien Shark

Alien Wii Classic FC
Special thanks to Adam Madron and John Tivet for this very special piece of history.

Lemon Sat Rx

MMW Reggae Shark - 135mm Micro-FPV Frame

CL-08-20-18 Dark Edition

Hubson clear props

Eachine DVR03 DVR AIO 5.8G 72CH 0/25mW/50mW/200mW Switchable VTX 520TVL 1/4 Cmos FPV Camera

LiPo 720mah/25C 1S (3.7V)

Bonka LiHV 500

SO Alien Trooper weighs 3.4g,
AUW is 68.9 w 720
And 67.6g w 500


lol! Loving how the alien trooper is controlling it by the antenna! :slight_smile: looks like an awfully futuristic joystick lol sweet build man.


Tasty build, mind your fets with those motors. It’s a gorgeous card to fly don’t you think? I love mine and my PedroWii too. 8 bit has a unique style of its own.


The FC was a gift, so I wanted to build it up special. The reggae was the recommended go to for the Classic.
I’m a bit worried about the FETS w the -18’s, but I don’t expect to beat this micro up like I do my Alien Spider😜
I am amazed at the solid, solid flight of this FC and looking forward to posting some video from the onboard dvr.


Great looking build!

I’m looking forward to hear about your experience flying with the DVR!


Might be a minute @marapet
The northeast US has 10-14" snow coming tonight.
I did coat my Alien w acrylic, but I couldn’t think of a way to coat the insides of the DVR AIO, it’s as you know two separate boards.


Snow is comin’ alright! Time to make a grocery run and pretend the world is going to end. :stuck_out_tongue:


I hit the liquor store on Sunday in preparation for the Snopocalypse… I’m ready to be snowed in…


Hotglue “walls” around the combo.
Put a bead of hotglue between. Dip your finger in water and shape a nice flat seal. :wink:
Yet the DVR slot may not be rainproof-able.


Could stretchwrap the whole aio.
Might fry though, don’t know how much air contact it needs for cooling.

Edit: there’s static to consider also, this may not be a good idea.