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My Spidersky with “Training Wheels”. I know it’s too much additional weight but they do the job very well for a FPV newbie like me. :grin:


@Fundamental : What is the weight of your “parrot” ?
I was expecting to make new micro with this frame + the blade protection but i am afraid of the total weight with scisky + camera + 750mah lipo


Here is the current incarnation of my picnic quads efficiency X:

Weight without battery: 49.5g

  • BG Fattie JR Cam
  • Modded FX758-2 VTX with dip switches on band E
  • Homemade 5.8 RHCP CL antenna
  • Modified scisky:
    • Removed both 4pin sockets
    • added buzzer socket with onboard 5v and negative going to a fet switch wired to STM buzzer pin.

And here’s the latest rebuild of the spider:

Same guts as above except for the camera. Using the RMRC pico wide v2. 48.8g without battery.


Thats a sweet picnic quad build there! I like what you did with the external motor plugs so you don’t have to disassemble the frame to swap motors!
Whats the benefit in building your own antenna vs buying one of the 100s of available on the market?


Thanks @Gap ! I got the idea for the socket extensions from @JG101. Don’t want to fuss around with needle nose pliers to swap motors or even worse take the top plate off. Laziness FTW!
Benefit of building your own antenna? HA! Not really sure there. You can build another if/when it breaks. I mostly wanted to try it because I love DIY. The cost of the materials makes it cheaper to make your own if you need > 3-4. And best of all, don’t have to wait for shipping times when you need another.
Also, you can build the antenna tuned exactly to the frequency channel/band you use, if you are super precise and only use that channel, I think you get better signal to noise ratio. Not that I am that precise, but just the theory.

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Commercial antennas are HEAVY. Built for brushless micros. A homemade cloverleaf can be as little as 1.5g. That’s less than the connector on most antennae.

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I’ve been really bored this weekend with only 1 fun flyer at the moment, so I decided to make some frames out of foam board and give it a shot. I’ve been having a blast. They fly pretty well and are coming in at around 65g AUW with a nanotech 600… fpv gear included. I have my fpv setup on the top rail from the carbon H and it unplugs from the FC. I can do a frame swap in the amount of time it takes to heat up the hot glue gun.

As a test, I traced the carbon H and also the Reggae shark. I cut them out on a scroll saw. A 1/4" leather punch is a perfect size for the motor holes and they fit pretty tight. I beefed up the area around the motor mounts to give a little strenght. They both fly great for what they are. I’m going to experiment with a few different shapes and sizes.


I do love simple, quick builds like this, you can prototype all sorts of crazy designs too.


I got asked on RCG to prove I’d built an H101 board into something running 8.5mm motors so I knocked this together quickly from bits I had lying about.

Yet another that flys really well though it’s too windy to play outside today.

I fitted extensions with plugs on the board first.

34g not too heavy, it’s 3mm polycarb.

The blue battery is just a tester, but even with that its pretty pokey.


Cool. And unique.
Like those DIY quads.


Got my first Hubsan X4 in early May. I have since been totally engrossed with this hobby.

My first build is a Reggea Shark

Scisky FC
MMW 8.5 Fast
Hubsan or Parrot Props
FX797T decased
3d print camera mount for Tiny Whoop WAY to much angle fo the whoop but great for this little guy
Nano-tech 750mah

AUW is 64 grams.

Second “build” was the now ubiquitous Tiny Whoop

Inductrix Frame+ FC
MMW 6mm fast
FX797T decased
Lectron 180Mah batteries

AUW is 23 grams

Last the one I put together yesterday is either the most common quad copter or IMO the coolest quad copter I have.

I call it the Hubsistien

Frame is hacked apart Hubsan X4 107L
SciSky FC
MMW 7mm Fast
Specktrum VA1100 decased and antenna bent down to avoid props. which BTW this camera sucks compared to the FX79T
KeenStone 500Mah

AUW is 46grams

I could probably save a couple grams by direct soldering the Camera but I am going to wait for a better camera before I do that. This thing is smooth, if not a little sluggish but still has enough power to roll and flip. I may try this idea on a 107C frame with 8.5 motor, I think it should be lighter than the Reggea Shark which BTW the shark does not feel particularly heavy while flying.

The FPV fleet for right now.


Frame designed by ian444 on RCG, with some input from me (battery cleats), made to fit an H8 mini flight controller.

30g dry, 40g with 300mah Nanotech.


Ah, the test one with cleats, I’ve got the original design 6mm and 7mm but I broke the 6mm arms within 5 flights.The 7mm flies really well though with the H8 board. I’m getting Ian to submit a special 6mm one in 1.5mm cf to Armattan for me to crash test :wink:


Almost finished with my 155 morphite fpv build!!


My latest in all it’s janky glory


Very nice! I just finished my morphite 155 I’m so excited to take it out and maiden! First time ever having some pretty nice parts on a quad vs just so-so. Yayy! Here’s my fleet :slight_smile:

Can’t wait!! :slight_smile:


Nice builds!
Only a little something: Antenna protection is not a crime! :slight_smile:

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Haha yeah I was in a rush to maiden it and didn’t add heat shrink yet but thanks for reminding me! Ill get that done before next flight

There we go!


Well heatshrink there doesn’t really cut it :wink: Maybe it helps a little - but not too much.
I tend to use some antenna tubing. That saved at least one of these antennas - the tubing was broken in a little incident involving a propeller - but the antenna saved. You want more protection around the ends of the antenna.