Show us your builds!

air time with the 500mah is around 5 mins with fpv gear on. I need to build a more powerful VTX combo for it so I can fly a bit farther.

Did you paint those frame with sharpies? they look good!

That looks like a scisky, but I can’t quite make it out. 5 to 6 min is a great flight time. I like the Hyperion cameras coming in at 4g. It’s hard to find something higher than their 25w that isn’t at or around 10g. It’s been a while since I’ve looked though.

Yeah. Those are just colored with sharpies. Some colors need more coats than others:

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I’m still in the tuning phase but im working with something pretty similar. Dark motors and Beef’s.

I’ll be asking questions here soon im sure.


Nice! Here is my version of that guy. Everyone here is super nice so bring all your questions!!


Phoenix 95mm


My latest:

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mine is indeed a scisky! running 8.5 fast motors from MMW with 65mm gemfan props, its a pretty killer little machine!
I haven’t been able to find many AIO cams with a higher output than 25mw which is why I’m probably gonna build my own next.

@MasterRC_sTudenT that is a pretty sweet little build you’ve got there! I really like that frame!

@Flipo that thing looks slick, is that rubber on the motor mounts?

@Cobrakai I like the 3D printed cam mount. How do you like the Beefs Brushed Board? I am considering using it on my next build on a carbon-H frame

Also Cobra, is that a race frame i see lurking in the back?

The 110 frame was my first custom build. I tried the frame with prop guards that Tony makes, but I quickly broke them all off. I like these add-ons you’ve got. The ones I have aren’t that big and after every bump you have to reposition them. Where did you get them?

Picnic Quads? It must be nice and light especially with your all in one fpv cam. I really like your brace/antenna guard. Got link for it?

Like the shrink wrap protector!

Yeah. It’s one of the oringial FPV racer frames with the narrow arms. I like how they are thicker on the newer version. I had to dig WAY back in my email to find the antenna protector. I forgot about Zippin. You can get the protector here. I like their feet too. I bought a bunch of them a while back and pull them out for my builds.

ME TOO! A lot cleaner than my glob hot glue. Let us know how it holds up. This is how my antennas end up looking:

@Gap I have a bunch of beef boards and haven’t had any issues with them. You will want to glue the hex adapter to the FC if you are making a hex.


My latest one was lost recently in a wood before I took a photo, I hadn’t put a buzzer on. This is the one before that.


My first BL build:
110mm Nano Quad/Custom AF FC

And my next build…A work in progress!
110mm NanoQuad/Piko BLX


A small selection that I had pics of, mostly messy testers and unfinished things lol…

Not a quad I know but its “one of my builds” hahaha


:joy: Dude I hear your motors are out of this world on the AlienFlight FC? & What do you think / your thoughts on the Piko BLX Fc?

Very cool! @Jtwalkz

You going 6s & TMotors on your Suzuki Build :scream: @JG101?

Nice fleet!

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Hahaha…Nah she is still all suzuki that one(excluding usa chromo axles and lockers) lol…I went as far as you can without turning into a toyota/chev with this one…(or a suzi v6…room was tight…)

But…that is only for getting to flying spots right…associated expense? (If you can;t drive/walk there easily it means its all yours lol)

Edit…Even if I have plenty of space in my paddocks to fly…it is nice to sometimes go up the mountain a bit to find place to fly and just get “stuck” for a few hours instead lol…

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V6 in the Suzi yeowwww… That’s right you are in frying heaven there :slight_smile:

My Spidersky with “Training Wheels”. I know it’s too much additional weight but they do the job very well for a FPV newbie like me. :grin:


@Fundamental : What is the weight of your “parrot” ?
I was expecting to make new micro with this frame + the blade protection but i am afraid of the total weight with scisky + camera + 750mah lipo