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Short range with flysky turnigy ia6c


recently built my first quad and noticed that my RSSI is really low. if the quad and transmitter are right next to each other, then it’s around 40~ish percent and never really goes higher than that. I tried an identical receiver and even an identical transmitter (turnigy evolution) and I’m getting the same behavior. I feel like I’m doing something wrong because I don’t really get a lot of range. I’m getting maybe 100-150 meters and it just feels wrong.

any help would be appreciated, thank you


Hmm not sure what my values are at during flight, b4 I go under the goggles I know it always says 0. But 300 450- Feet that’s about the max I’ve ever gotten out of the i6 stock in a clear flat field.
(I have a second i6 for my son, but at 3 he just wants to jam full throttle. He will be flying by Christmas this year.)
I havent had a chance to test range on i6 since adding a 5db antenna. I have noted that some closer dead spots get reception now, thats a plus. For instance if I stand in front of my carport with the truck on my left 20ft away between 8 and 10 ft high I used to hit a dead spot the kwads would actually failsafe. Wether it be tiny whoops or mobula7 or the leader 120 they all failsafe there.
( Weather in North Texas has been crappy as of late. I actually kind of enjoy the wind gusts, they keep me on my toes.)
My bad I missed the part about ia6c I’m using ia6, ia6b and the tiny fs reciever