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Shearing pc props


Ummm, this happened.

has this happened to any of you?
I was at my local elementary school, and came from under the monkey bars and just happened to clip a support bar for the swing set. I had the best tim going through all the gaps there, and some sweet acro. All in all, a great hour of flying, but I really need to get better battery leads…


Not terrible often with big props, but yes. I’ve managed to do that to Dal Cyclone 5045, which has a ton of plastic.
Unlucky hits on objects that do not move at all or flex at all (like say, metal support bars) will do it.
I run props-out which seems to help, but I still kill them every once in a while.
Broke some Gemfan 2035 blades off too, and a couple Gemfan 3025 blades.

I seem to be a bit hard on equipment sometimes.


Huh, cool. I’m pretty hard on my stuff but still run it till truly dies. :sweat_smile:


Playground equipment is awfully fun to fly through, but it does some damage :smiley:

Didn’t break this one, but I was entertained by it.


Nice! I had another crash that day and a prop bent into a z shape…