Sharper Image Walmart drone disassembly PCB close up Silverware?



Here some pic i took from the fc inside a 40$ walmart drone which i bought for his propellers loll for my Boss since i can’t wait for China Boat ! Wonder if its silverizable ! Hopefully you can zoom in to check the chip .



I also have a DX 2 ive been trying to get to a Lil free time to attempt.
Im gonna set a reminder to do it Saturday.
Ill post results. Asap


I think im gonna try to unlock the chip live and see loll ! and post result too


Nada !


the mini54 is pretty rare, I never bother porting the drivers, probably not very hard except for pwm

there was a quadcopter software called bradwii which worked on this cpu, and the chip was used in the Hubsan H107L although with a different radio. The pwm driver could probably be adapted from there if someone wanted something to do


Thank you for all these informations ! Really appreciated


If you trim the tx forward you get a deeper forward angle, yaw and backward roll become less sensative