Setting up betaFPV 75. F3 fc w/ Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera



@Wes , completely out of time these days… AUW… say ‘takeoff weight’ no batteries: 32.12 grams.

@SharkShrank 240mAh battery to little for 720 motors on stock settings & props, 1:30 flight time and a battery as replacement for a lighter. Not even good on JJRC 400mAh 30C. Didn’t go for the 550s yet, but using 1S2P config with my 240mah 25/50C - that’s about the weight and the power of the 550s.


Renamed for current setup attempt:

I just got in the BF f3 OSD DSMX with the crazepony camera. Need help with a couple issues…

First is the soldering. I soldered the camera, vtx, and power/grnd wires to correct places and the screen would show the BF logo, but black screen. If I connected the vtx wire to the camera contact on the board I would get a picture, but no OSD. Not sure what is going wrong here… Any input?

Also, I cant get it to connect to my radio. As a super budget level… I still have the inductrix kit controller. I try to follow pairing procedure by plugging battery in on the FC and turning on the controller with stick pushed in. Controller goes through the beeping process it does to pair, but it does not link.
Any input there too?? Or should I really just wait a month or so to save up for a better radio controller… Hoping I can find a solution until I can save up the cash.

I CAN NOT WAIT until I have all legit gear. Until then Im just trying to get by


Thanks @mcrich. That is very close to my 75 at 32.19g. My 75s is a whopping 36.71g.

@SharkShrank, I have a DX8 but I have to get my Tx about 5’ or so away form the BF FC or it won’t bind as the transmitter seems to overload the FC RX. Probably not your issue but you may try it. However, a good TX will be a huge improvement IMO.

As for the camera setup, can you post a pic of your wiring that clearly shows what camera and VTX you have and how they are soldered in?

My experience is that if you have a black screen, you have video in and video out wiring on the controller backwards but you describe something that sounds off. A friend of mine soldered the video in and out wires from his camera/VTX AIO to the same video out connection on the FC and until I saw it, I could not figure the problem remotely.


thanks, will get something up before I head out to golf later today if I can.


Possible cause for ‘picture but no OSD’
-> OSD function turned off in Betaflight


I have the same camera and the Beecore V2 board. I’m getting a the OSD but no video signal, and I only get that if I hook the wires up backwards. Found out by accident. If I hook Video out from the camera to Video in on the board and so on…I don’t get anything through my goggles. Any ideas other than a bad board?


Not so far. Have a picture of the board and wiring?


Here are a couple of photos. When I hook it up correctly as shown in the picture I only get a black screen. If I reverse the video in and video out wires, then I can see the on screen display through my goggles



Lens cap? :rofl:

Seriously: Try to adopt these checks Troubleshooting: No Video
In my case, colors are on pcb(left to right)
red - black - blue - brown
AND on cam(top to bottom)
brown - blue - black - red.


Good catch! I’d like to say that I was testing you to see if you were paying attention, but that’s not the case. Hahaha. I actually only soldered this back this way to improve the looks of the soldering and to show the way I had it before. It doesn’t work without the lens cap either but thanks for your time.


Lol, it’s happened to me before…:sweat_smile: