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Setting up betaFPV 75. F3 fc w/ Crazepony FPV Micro AIO Camera



Hey all,
So my inductrix fpv+ frame was destroyed. I bought a betafpv kit with 7x20 motors and 40mm blades. I put my inductrix board (fc, camera, exc) on it. I am also using the e-flight 500mah 25c battery (probably way too heavy)

Heres whats happening. In altitude hold mode it will barely get off the ground. SOunds like a battery weight problem.

Worse tho, as I am flying in horizon mode? (no altitude hold, but not full acro), the thing shakes side to side. Its enough to be annoying, and even sometimes fails to correct its self until I put another input in.

Is this what they call oscillation? Or jello? Is it a factor of breaking in new motors or having too heavy of a battery?
What do people normally fly battery wise for the 65 and 75 sized drones? I wanna pick up some batteries from amazon (local hobby shop has lost my trust with over priced stuff and giving me wrong product/info multiple times…)

Thanks yall


Hey SharkShrank,

maybe i can’t solve your problem, but maybe you want to consider this:

Your battery weighs 14.5 grams, the recommended size (240mah) weighs 6.5 grams. Quick calculation says you have added 8 grams - which compares to 20% increase of weight.

Before going into the oscillations i’d check the quads behaviour with a 7 gram battery.
(I was like you and bought 400mah batteries for a 65 size whoop - why not, they fitted into the battery bay… Those 4 grams on top rendered this thing pretty much unflyable :wink: )

And that yello - AFAIK thats blurry lines in your video feed, when the whoop shakes the camera intensely, probably because of non-bakanced props.

Hope this gets you a touch forward… Cheers


Definitely agreeing that the extra weight is probably it. I was just using the batteries I have had from the larger frame and motor I had previous. Pretty interesting how much weight really affected it’s flight


The weight of the battery should not be a problem for the 7x20 motors in the 75. I run the Betafpv 550mAh batteries in my 75 and 75s and if you check the betafpv site, it’s what they recommend. I tried 230s and 260s in them and they got extremely hot. The 550s run cool. However, my 65 uses the 230s.

I suspect out of balance props or pid changes are required but I doubt your inductrix FC is tunable.


Maybe i need new glasses…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Wheelbase: 75mm
Weight: 32g (without battery)
Flight Controller: BETAFPV F3 EVO Brushed FC with Native Frsky receiver
Firmware Version: Betaflight SPRACINGF3EVO 3.1.6
Motor: 7x20mm Coreless Brush Motor, 17500KV
Receiver: Frsky D8 potocol with PA / DSMX / Flysky rx with AFHDS 2A protocol
Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
Batterry: 3.7V 230mAh Lipo battery with PowerWhoop connector
Flight time: 3 minute

1 * BNF Beta75 Micro FPV Quad
1 * BETAFPV 260mAh 1S Lipo Battery


LOL, you are correct that the marking info calls for 230mAh and even if you buy a Beta75 BNF, it will come with a 260mAh (contrary to the marking doc) as I bought one and returned it promptly since it would not do more than 2:15 of flight with a 260. I guess I got that info from a support tech and it’s the 75s doc that recommends 550s. Sorry bout that. https://betafpv.com/collections/brushed-bnf-drone/products/beta75s-bnf-micro-whoop-quadcopter

I opened a support ticket and was told that the 2XX batteries worked OK when they used the 7x20 14000KV motors but when they moved to the 17500 motors, it was inadequate. Based on the chi-english, I inferred that 2xx sized batteries were always inadequate.

The 75, 75s and 85 frames were made for 5XX sized batteries (specifically BetaFPV’s 550mAh) but they do come with an adapter for putting undersized batteries in it. But I found that 2xxmAh batteries just don’t work with a 32g (75) and 38g (75s) quad. They get way to hot after a couple of minutes of flight and are underpowered and don’t give the runtime “documented”. Once I built up another 75 and 75s from BataFPV parts from Amazon and switched to the BetaFPV 50/100C 550mAh batteries, the 75 and 75s quads were a completely different machines. They finally had the punch expected and I get 4 minutes on the 75 and almost 5 minutes on the 75s flying a smooth indoor course.

Also, I tried my 1 year old eFlight 500mAh batteries from my nano QX2 and while they were better than the 230s and 260s, they were inferior to the BetaFPV 550s in punch and flight time. However, all 5 of my eFLight batteries had a LOT of flights on them so their poor performance might have just been age.

Check out the thread I started a month ago… BetaFPV 75mm 7x20, 75mm 8x20 and 85mm 8.5x20 whoop frames

I’m still waiting on the 8.5x20 motors to build up a Beta85 and test it.


What 8.5 motors are you getting? Yeah, it’s most likely the fc needing to be tuned which it can’t. At least it’s keeping me flying for the time being. I’m getting the new beecore stack most likely for the build


Racestar motors from Banggood with the connectors already installed. It’s been 3 weeks now so no telling when they will be in. I’ll never order from a BG China warehouse again. The tracking you pay for is absolutely worthless and so is their service.



Well - some times it’s no good to stick your neck out. :rofl:

Righty - thanks for that ‘correction’, @wes . (u hear the ironic undertone) Swear to get new glasses or at least read a little further next time. :wink:
So now that i am aware i discussed things i know too few about, already have ordered 75 size frame kit w/ 7/20 motors, props, canopy and that foam battery holder thingy.
Be back in some days to presumably verfy what you say about batteries. Courious to see what that 75 size will work out with my JJRC 400mAh 25C.
Order a set of 550s right away?

Damn, checking the order i see the motors are not named by their KV.


LOL! Hey, @mcrich, I meant no disrespect. I can only talk about my experience but I’ll be very interested in your take on different batteries with the larger motors/heavier whoop. Also would be interested in the AUW of your 75 build.


If you can get the 550’s from Amazon, you should try a set for $13. I’ve ordered twice when they had them in stock. When they are out of stock, it takes about 2 weeks from China.


that 75 with the 7xx motors performance suffered with my 450 or 500mAh motors. Some tuning was definitely needed, or maybe a different prop. Slapped some 230s on that I got for my 65s build and it flew much better.

Now the betafpv 65s frame with betafpv 3-blades flew really nice with the 230. however, I slapped on the Inductrix fpv 4-blades and the thing took off like a rocket. Much more speed and grip in turns.

No shaking like the 75 frame had with the same inductrik fpv plus stack… really need to get me a new fc/stack that I can tune… Would fix a lot of my problems


No harm done here - more happy you dindt get me wrong and were mad at me.

So - still waiting for the parts ordered. Seems gotta wait till saturday. Looked for the 550 on amazon. Found them for 13 bucks (euros in my case) but shipping handling is 4 bucks on top! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:… will have to wait until i do another order to get free shipping.

Will report AUW asap.


I guess BetaFPV ships to Amazon since I’ve bought mine via prime and 2 day shipping and when they run out, they are shipped from China. I wish Amazon had an alert mechanism that would send me an email when thier Prime stock has been replenished.


yepp… flying performance is hardware tuning either! Had my E010 with red motors and 4-blades. Was ‘ok’. Tried that 2-blade mod - not really a difference. Then i had the idea to install 400mAhs - just 3 grams more. Unflyable.
Now, BetaFPV 17500kV motors with 3-blades - i’m happy on the standard 65 size, mostly 3:20 flight time on 230mAh. The bigger motors on your 65S can handle 30% more prop surface - so more punch! I’m jealous! :grinning:

Have a Boss 6mm Indy printed with CrazePony gold motors and with 2-blade props: floor to ceiling … 1.25 secs despite 25.85 grams TOW/AUW - but 2:00 flight time. can use battery and motors for steak-broiling afterwards.

But overall i think i will stick with the guys that reduce weight and flight time but enjoy power, control(!) & punch.


Yes, i remember it was like “amount of xxx in stock” monday and today it was just “in stock”. Here, they aren’t in Prime.


Yes, will make things easier.

… as soon as you figured out what to tune how :grin:

But i agree, connecting the FC to BetaFlight or so, check values and functions, set new values, that’s what makes everything a huge step more transparent!

And i would recommend an OSD version. To me it’s such an improvement, not only to get alarmed thru telemetry if a value like voltage or RSSI already ARE(!) low, but to be able to read these values all the time!


I can only dream. Doint this whole “get out of debt thing” while im fresh out of college right now. Only buying new parts with left over xmas money or birthday money coming in a month or so. hopefully the grandparents dont forget about me… I want a new FC… heck maybe even a decent controller.

QUICK, can we talk about a radio control, Im using the lame-o controler included in the FPV+ kit. Pretty sure it is impossible to fly acro with it smooth because there is no way to have micro inputs. Is it true a nice controller (like a DX6e) will make a huge difference in flying?


A nice controller will make a huge difference but I suggest getting something that can accept modules to fly many rx types and not lock yourself into spektrum


The DX6e is a really nice transmitter it was my first “hobby grade” controller for aircraft. If you only want to fly stuff from the hobby store(money doesn’t matter) it’s great. I wouldn’t recommend it. I just got a Jumper T8SG yesterday finally (eBay mishap) I’m very pleased with it for the money. It can do everything the DX6e can plus the multi protocol! The gimbals and sticks feel a little bit lighter duty compared,but not bad at all. If you can do a trick with the DX6e you can do it with the Jumper as well. The only thing stopping me from beating myself up over wasted $$$ is that the T8SG wasn’t released yet when I got the DX6e… I would rather buy 2 Jumpers than the DX6e.