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Set up MLP4DSM with inductrix pro


Im new when it xomes to betaflight, so I have no idea how to get my little guy to fly. Ive always flown the stock inductrix fpv and never knew about betaflighr untill I bought my inductrix pro. I can get the controller to bind but no liftoff. I know it has something to do with arming the motors but my remote has no aux to do so. I dont know if it can be turned off or not. Any help from anyone would be amazing. Thank you in advance.


If there are no aux channels set to arm then moving the throttle fully right and down should arm with down and left to disarm. This relies on you having full stick travel of 1000 to 2000 on each channel. This can be checked by connecting to Betaflight on a pc and checking the receiver tab whilst connected to the tx.


Still not working. :disappointed_relieved:


Do you see the channel values for pitch/roll/yaw/throttle correctly in the receivers tab?
What Chaotix said means - on full stick deflection you have to reach a value of roughly 1000 on one side and 2000 on the other side, for each channel, center should be 1500.
With the MLP4DSM you wont have enough stick travel per default, making it a bit more complicated to get it to work with BF.

Check the following:
Do you get something for each channel correctly in the receivers tab? 1500 should be center, “stick ends” (maximum stick deflection) should be roughly 1000 / 2000 - but you will most certainly see a higher value (for the 1000) and a lower value (for the 2000) - this is normal with MLP4DSM.
If yaw/pitch/roll/throttle move with the correct sticks - that’s a start, otherwise you have to deal with getting the RX <-> TX thing to work on the FC side before you continue.

Assuming your channels “do the right things” in the receiver tab, you now want to use rxrange to adjust the stick ends for each channel via the CLI (command line interface). The MLP4DSM just isn’t the greatest transmitter, usually you would do this on the transmitter side and avoid using rxrange.
This video shows nicely what to do:

Rule of thumb: If you have to use rxrange, something is suboptimal, in this case the transmitter. :wink:
I think you had to use stick arming with that transmitter if I recall correctly.


Welp someone on aother forum told me to flash the newest naze and now its alllll like reset. Like I have to tune everything now. Rip me… :sob: