Service to US?

I placed an order on July 21 and it is now August 19 and I have still not received my order of 4 motors. I have sent multiple replies to the company and they have yet to respond.

Does anyone else have this experience? Any suggestions on how I can at least get them to reply to my email. I want the motors but if I don’t at least hear from them I WILL start a refund process with Paypal.

@Benedikt talk with him :slight_smile:

Thanks, @tarkux!

@Warlord30, please let me know your order number, and I will follow it up for you!

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Order number is: 50162

I see.
Sorry for the lack of response on your last email.
I will consider this shipment lost and send you a replacement!


I give up. I still have not received the 2nd shipment. I have no idea whose postal system is at fault but this is just not worth either of our time now.

Thanx for trying to help.

Uh-oh. Should I be worried the motors which were shipped on Aug 14 haven’t arrived yet?

It’s been quite a few shipments from Australia to US that are taking longer than usual. I assume the „trade war“ BS takes its toll and US custom processing is taking longer, but that’s just a guess.
If your shipment takes longer than 3 weeks, please reply to your order confirmation email and we will help out!

Not to worry my friend. We have issues here with our postal system as well.

I have a friend that flies drones that has 4 of your motors. He says there is something special about them because he can fly a lot longer with them. Do you actually do something special or do you just have a good source in China?

Cheers :wink:

Long flight times are the result of efficiency,
and efficiency is a balance act.
Consider power input (current over voltage) and power output (thrust), and where those two variable relate best, that’s where you fly the longest. That’s not a secret, but what makes the difference is the patience and persistence to find the sweet spot on a very granular level.
The driver was not profit, but passion. We wanted the very best, without consideration for cost. So we started buying motors from every source we could find, and selected those that worked best, and then started testing their abilities to adjust.
Adjusting many variables, but most importantly the winding of the coils. Number of strains, thickness, structure. And then make many many small batches, again again. Fire up the machines, then fire up the quads. Make, fly, make, fly, repeat. It usually takes months, and in some cases years before we arrived at the coils that you now see for sale. An instrumental part of the process was this Community. Back in the days, it didn’t exist in the form of this forum yet, but the spirit of the people did. We got good and direct feedback from people who cared about flight, and the fine people in the factory always take that on board without hesitation.
So, to answer your question more directly: it’s just a source in China, but I consider it special.


My motors arrived! And they’re beautiful :grinning: