Scratching my Quad+ hype itch


I’m following the 3D thread with interest, but after reading the Shendrones Rapture build journal, I wondered about simply flying this configuration.

I’ve configured my Arfun Pro 95 with Quad+and added a TX01. We’ll see how this feels, though I’m doubtful I’ll experience the ya stability benefits of having a stretched roll axis.


I built a picnic quads Efficiency frame in a + format and I loved the way it flew… I was strictly LOS with it, but I thought it handled well and was fun to fly. I put a set of dark motors on the frame and when I tried to fly it, it just flew out of sight… I haven’t put any more time on it to tweak it and make it flyable…


Cool experiment, @burtlo! And more accessible than 3D flying. :wink:

Your build reminded me that my first two multirotors were both plus+ configuration. On the big +8, I suspect that x-configuration wouldn’t have been any different. However, the original Blade mQX came set up for +4 out of the box. On a floaty brushed motor geared micro, the plus+ configuration was noticeably more stable than the x-configuration (which I tried a few months later).

A few months ago, I passed my Blade mQX (set up in X-configuration) on to @bicyclewrench, who may want to give plus+ configuration a try as well. :wink: