Scisky v1.2 motor help

So about a week ago i wired in some new motors to my scisky v1.2 and I flew like 7 batteries until frame broke I got a new frame and a motor wasn’t working right I pulled it out and put on a spare it worked! But why did the motor die so fast? Wrong polarization? I tried to decipher some pics to find out the polarization I thought it was good but maybe not? A pic of + and - on the new scisky would be great

Straight from BG product description

Is your dead motor not spinning at all? Or is it stiff? If you put a prop on and blow on it or give it a flick with your finger, is it spinning freely?

Motors can die fast for several reasons.
If you crash hard they can fail even after a few flights.

If you crash upside down and riding your props to high the shaft can be pushed in and motor will get stiff, or worst case motor cap pops out.
Here’s a way to prevent that
There are several techniques to revive a stiff motor.
One is shown here

When I started this whole diy micro quad thing I destroyed way more motors due to crashing and wrong handling than nowadays.


thanks for posting that great information, and the links @chrisdo. I can’t tell you guys how many micro motors I’ve blown through… if you fly hard, you crash hard lol these little motors are fragile… now that I can read on tips and tricks on how to revive, hopefully I can revive more often than throwaway…

Yah they’re not stiff they’re just not spinning up enough

can you post a clear well lit picture of your scisky ?

I’m at work so this is all I have on my phone at the moment

no worries, it is a little blurry to see but ill investigate to see what I can find… in the meantime when you get home from work, definitely post another picture

From what i can tell, it looks like you have the motor wires in the right place…I cannot see the solder job to well in this first picture, but that could affect it maybe…

or maybe it you got a small piece of sand in the motor that could also slow that motor down but it’ll still work…

but yeah If it works now, roll with it!

Gr8 I jus t didn’t want it to happen again

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