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Scisky managed to burn a silver edition 8.5mm in a stall


Like the tittle says. I must be lucky, I got tangled in a pull cord on a Venetian blind and didn’t realise fast enough because it was in another room, and still hanging right way up for a bit. It burnt the brushes on the motor rather than the fet popping. This isn’t a moan or sad tale, I’m actually really impressed. Sad thing is I’m out of real motors(well I have some darks but I don’t want to destroy them, and I do it a LOT), and have had to cobble together a set of mixed kv units from random things. Fly’s better than expected. Should have new silvers tomorrow or Wednesday though(I hope you posted them today Benedikt lol)

Any one else got stories of mighty fet’s burning all before them? Indestructible boards that won’t die?



@JG101 You got lucky Dude. Although replacing FETs is pretty cool too. I like watching the solder paste disappear into a tiny blob of shiny goodness. Oh I can still hear the quad tumbling down a whole flight of solid wood stairs right after smacking into the wall…



How difficult is it to replace FETs, they look tiny! I see some posts on RC Groups with @goebish all over them talking about diagnosing and replacing FETs on Hubsan boards



That’s not difficult at all, a simple soldering iron is enough, just practice removing / replacing sot23 parts on a scrap board for a few minutes then you’ll be a pro :wink:

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Ooooooo this is exciting @goebish