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SciSky Brushed FC, community sourced documentation


Since the creators can’t be bothered to document this board, I guess we will have to.

Lets collect any info we have into this thread, and I’ll try to pull it together into some form of documentation.

IDing the pads/components of interest on these boards seems like a good start.


200mW VTX + Camera Combo
Adding LEDs to the Scisky

1, 5: short to enable bootloader
8: 5V



5, 7: 3.3V - I use 7 for the satellite mod - 5 needs to be verified but should also be 3.3V.

b1, b2, b3: There is a little trace between b1 & b2 two pads on the stock SciSky without satellite mod connecting UART2 RX to the onboard receiver.

  • b1 STM32 UART2 RX (also connected to the JST-SH on the other side of the board)
  • b2 to the onboard receiver
  • b3 ?
    This look like some jumper pads, not sure what b3 is intended for.

IMPORTANT SIDENOTE: At this point of time I do recommend to NOT use the 5V onboard regulator for your equipment - especially if you have some 200+ mW kick ass VTX - as long we don’t know how much current the 5V regulator can really safely deliver.



Some more documentation sources:

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So can we assume that pad #8 can support a spektrum VA2500 camera without the need for a step-up?
I can be the guinea pig for this one. I have both and can test it today.

  • I just saw the side note… lol.


It looks like b3 has been deciphered:



Hmmmm. I’m just spitballing here… but if that pad runs the LED function from cleanflight, and if you can setup an led to turn on with a switch via cleanflight, and a buzzer beeps when it receives voltage, could you potentially use this to activate a buzzer on the scisky to find a lost model?



It seems to be a digital data line whose protocol is defined in the LED spec sheet: http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Components/LED/WS2812.pdf
So probably not the best candidate for a simple buzzer.
Perhaps one could tap the PWM output of the integrated LED driver to power the buzzer, but the rate would have to be in the audible range.

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I found the pin that is usable for PPM input :smile:

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Cool, did you have to scrape off the solder mask to use it?

Some new links for the documentation - bypass for a completely broken 5V onboard regulator:
Fun part starts here:
Just read that thread in case you need to quick fix/bypass the 5V onboard regulator.

EDIT: Documentation of the bypass method by @chrisdo:

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Is the Quantum 32 “Scisky” compatible with FrSky XJT - JR/Graupner Type 16ch Duplex Transmitter Telemetry Module

I am not able get it to bind.




No. Dsm2 only.



thank you- what transmitter would you recommend?

I have been looking at the OrangeRX DSMX / DSM2 Compatible 2.4Ghz Transmitter Module (JR/Turnigy)

It would come from China and take a long time to arrive. Hoping there is another alternative, if inf-act this is the one i need?



That’s the one I use, I ordered it from HK myself using Swiss Post and it took about a week from clicking order to being at my doorstep in the Pacific NW



Would the 3.3v output on point 8 be a filtered output and thus be ok for fpv?

Thanks in advance



Answer: yes, but no. It will be semi-filtered as a result of the regulation, but that regulator is not designed to put out the sort of current (200-400+ mA) that an FPV setup is going to pull at 3.3v.

I have used the regulated 5v output to drive an FPV system, but the filtering was mediocre. I still had problems with motor noise effecting the video feed.

A $4, .35g, 5v pololu setup-up voltage regulator does a better job. If you need 3.3v they make that value step-up too.

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Is this all for the version 1 scisky? I have a step up regulator that I am trying to use for running fpv gear off the battery and have no clue how to wire it up :frowning: if anyone could give me some advice that would be most appreciated!



Yeah, this is about fixing a burnt regulator. You don’t need to worry about that.

+/- to the regulator (I run a second set of wires from the vbat pads)

+5V and gnd wires from reg to the cam
Same thing for the VTX

That’s it really.



scisky v1 FC —> step up regulator for clean 5v output ----> 200mw vtx camera ?

As I was reading what you told me this is what I imagined you were telling me… Is this an accurate image of how I should be wiring it up?

Just trying not to burn out anymore sciskys



Some questions:
What 200mW vtx/cam exactly?
If it’s a combo like TX03 it works from 2.5v-5.5V. So there’s no need for a vreg.

What vreg exactly. The ones I know, like pololu S7v7f5 have 3 holes to solder wires on (like in your diagram). One for Vin, one for gnd and one for Vout. So Vin has to be connected to positive battery pad of FC (red wire), gnd to battery gnd of FC and vtx/cam (black), Vout to vtx/cam (red).

Always important to give details of the parts you are going to use to give detailed and correct advice how to wire it up.