RXSR Broken antenna

I was flying one of my older 4" builds with an RXSR. I was flying pretty up high and what I thought at the time was an ESC problem caused it to fall to it’s demise. When I was taking it apart nothing was wrong with any components but I realized one of the RXSR antennas was chopped off. Could this be the cause of the crash?

Were you flying fpv? If so, I would have expected to see rxloss on your osd if that was the case. But if you said it’s an older quad then maybe you don’t have osd. The two antennas work as diversity, so if one is failing, it would just switch to using the other, and it should still have decent range.
Another possibility is esc Desync?

Yeah I had OSD, but I don’t think I saw the warning. I think it may be something to do with the ESC unfortunately.

Esc Desync doesn’t necessarily mean a dead ESC. It’s a firmware issue, it’s getting itself messed up. Check up “death roll Desync” there are lots of videos about it…