RunCam Swift Micro anyone?


Having always been a fan of RunCam since they make some superb FPV cameras, I was a little disappointed that the Swift Mini was so big. I was hoping for something I could use on my micro quads. So I e-mailed my whinge to RunCam and today they tell me that a Micro Swift is being developed and will be released soon!

Is this old news, 'cos I’m excited. The Eagle, Swift 2, Swift and Mini Swift I own are excellent so hopefully no more flying into the darkness and hoping.


I’ve come to realize, finally, how underwhelming all the commodity cams (that I own) perform wrt lighting. I’m itching to try the RunCam products.


It’s news to me… and I try to keep on top of these things. The Mini looks ideal for 3" builds. A Micro sized version would be even better. The best would be a Micro Eagle.


That sounds pretty awesome - looking forward to it!
I also have nothing bad to say about RunCam (and I like their support).

Any specs known? Weight? Size?


[quote=“Pugwash, post:1, topic:4103”]… they tell me that a Micro Swift is being developed and will be released soon!

That’s great news, @Pugwash!

I have yet to install the Swift Mini that I got for a lightweight 4" racer. However, the Mini is borderline for a 3" build. So a Swift Micro would be fantastic for 2.5" and 3" builds!


Sadly no, I just e-mailed them and pointed out there was a big demand for sub-250 gram quads but the available cameras were rubbish so what we needed was a RunCam Micro, were they going to release one? And the answer was; ‘Yes, working on that. Swift Micro will be released soon’


Well, I do think it’s good news that they’re working on a Swift Micro. It’ll be even better news when it’s actually released. :wink: In the meantime, I still have the Swift Mini to try out.


Me too. (I also have one to try out)



That’s lightweight!!!


Not lightweight enough IMHO.


Should appear here soon:

Seemingly the smallest FPV CCD camera on the market, but I’m not sure whether it’s really a great fit for the current <= 95mm builds I’m working on. Something around 2g would have been awesome… Honestly, I was expecting a bit more than something in the RunCam Owl form factor.

Hint hint: While we are at it - the BG 1.2g camera which uses to be permanently out of stock - currently isn’t.


Interesting though isn’t it. Might be too heavy but I’m going to try it in a 2S 95mm brushed quad. I didn’t get on with the 1.2 grm BG camera, I ordered two; I tore the video pad off of one when very carefully bending the nasty, stiff, PVC-covered wires through 180 degrees, irreparable. I did managed to bend the wires on the second one and then glued them in place but I find the image is pants. It’s like flying through a blocky watercolour! There is one tone of green and one of brown, I can hardly make out what I’m flying through outside. Prefer the usual BG offering.


Same happened to me, also ripped the signal pad. But I was able to repair it with some micro soldering. Sacrificed the audio pad (broke the trace by intent) and bridged it with a super thin copper strand to the via near the ripped video signal pad. With some epoxy and a different lens - it’s doing its job. Additionally, I switched mine to NTSC.

But obviously I’ll try the micro swift :wink:


Takeaway from this is, if I buy one of those ultralight cameras don’t use the stock wires.


I was already using proper silicone wires and it was only a minor crash that ripped the pad. :wink:

Camera is already listed on BG - available for pre-order:


Someone already made a review for it


You can preorder it now from RunCam.

Edit: And from BG.


I use runcam micro swift for Blade Torrent 110 FPV
with ZH Mount