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RotouriousFpv brushed frame sale


As you may have noticed I’ve been flying a lot of Rotorious frames these last few months. All have been great to build and fly, nice quality carbon, well cut and good designs. On top of that they are a great company to do business with so I feel worth promoting.
For 1 week they are having a brushed frame sale with some excellent bargains to be had so if you’re looking for a new frame for your next build have a look here.


Thanks for posting this! hopefully people stock up on these frames while they can… I can also suggest the quality of carbon, as well as the quality of ALL the parts are 110% awesome!

My crook 110 Brushed frame is simply the best brushed frame I’ve ever owned. I do not fear it breaking, and it is ULTRA lightweight. Couldn’t ask for anymore!


Bah, you’re damn insistent frothing from the mouth of your Crook love tipped me over the edge. Just bought a hex and Speck 80 brushless (to go with that clearance sale batch of 1103s I have on my shelf).

Damn you.


I can’t help that I foam when I think about my crook. Look at how pretty it is! :smiley:

I think you won’t be dissapointed with how much thought went into the rotorious FPV line up!


Bummed… web site error happened, they don’t have the BL frame for me at this time. Maybe next month.


I’ll find out when they’re next in stock :wink:


Oh? You’ve got the inside track on that? Eric Miner emailed me and said they’d have some next month, but I’ll take any info you can get.


I had asked to cancel the order, and while confirming that, Eric said he’d send me a brushless frame when they came in. Awesome. #stoked


They have UK stock, about 5 days at most for post, not sure postage costs yet. Select UK warehouse on the website.


The crook took some stupid brutal slams today and didn’t even bend at all. quite an impressive little frame, tpu mount is still just as happy as day 1


Wow those are some slick looking frames. I see the Speck 80 in my future.


@burtlo just heard Diatone USA are holding Speck85bl frames, 5 left in stock.
Here you go


Ah, cool. Good on Rotorious for getting into that shop; I’d heard it was going to happen.

I’m gonna wait still… just got notification that a 5" frame that I ordered a while ago from Armattan was just shipped. I’ve got enough on my plate.

Quality problems. :slight_smile:


I just got my RIP 120 frame from Diatoneusa… My first RotouriousFPV frame… beautiful quality.