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Rotor x atom v2 or v3


I watched Marty try and (single!) handedly deal with the cloneboys. Terribly disheartening, and I really appreciated his voice in the forums. Major loss.


Yes. That was most unfortunate. While cloning may have its pros and cons, people’s behavior was beyond the pale, and went on and on unchecked. That’s one of the glaring downsides to RCG’s rapid growth (thanks to the popularity of “drones”) and “low touch” approach to moderation (or lack thereof).

In addition, Marty and Tony unfortunately picked a battle they simply couldn’t win. Whether we like it or not, popular forces and market demand will keep the cloning business going, and our love-hate relationship with BG and the like will live on. :neutral_face:


I don’t think Marty misunderstands the place of commodity manufacturers, and I’m sure he’s come to a place of acceptance to some degree, but it was harsh, knowing the effort they put into the vision of an RTF micro FPV out-of-the-box experience, and dealing with punks arguing against the value of innovation.


Agreed. It was harsh and heartbreaking. :head_bandage:

Thank goodness Marty and Team have persevered, fulfilled their Indiegogo campaign, successfully launched the Atom V3, and are now getting ready to bring us the 4" and 5" Atoms. :smiley:


Will the v2 or v3 canopy fit the v1 if you take the top plate off?