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Rotor x atom v2 or v3


I want to make the jump to brushless and have been looking at the atom I can get a v2 fairly cheap but would I be better off with the v3 what’s the difference? Btw this will be my first brushless build


@bronco79: Is the V2 that you can get “fairly cheap” new or used? Does it have the TBS electronics? Or other components? What motors does it have?

I would say choice of V2 versus V3 depends on the motor size you want to run with it. The Atom V3 has updated 2-in-1 ESC (two of them for 4x motors), which can handle higher amps and is better for the larger RX1406 and equivalent motors. If the Atom V2 that you’re looking at comes with the smaller RX1105 4000KV motors, then the V2 electronics with the 4-in-1 ESC are perfectly fine.


Totally depends on what components you want to use. If you start from scratch and pick your own components I would even say that a v1 isn’t a bad choice.


I have a storied history with the V2, and am the happy owner of both a V2 and a V3.

I gave a recent recap of the V2 issues at the rcgroups.com thread:

The only shortcoming of the Atom V2 was in the Pro configuration where the 4-in-1 ESC had failures with the larger motors. The official responses to that were warranty replacements when possible, AND a redesign of the Pro configuration, which led to the V3.

At this point, if you found a V2 in your price point, it’d be a very safe purchase in that it would most likely be a unit that did NOT have manufacturing issues, and you’d have a rocket in your pocket. If it ended up with the known manufacturing issue, then you’d absolutely be very well cared for by TBS and RotorX.

Possible reasons for varying pricing would be in whether you purchased a DIY or RTF kit.

They are just beginning to sell the V3, which has a 2-in-1 ESC design, and thicker frame. Because of the additional engineering efforts, they’re about to announce a 5" frame as well. Prices will be adjusted appropriately.

If you find a V2 that works in your budget, you’ll do well. If you have issue, they’ll care for you.

The key ingredients are:

  • the frame (V2 and V3 both 4" with V2 being 2mm and V3 being 3mm with thinner arms).
  • the motors (the Pro has 1406 or 1406B motors, their high end performers, whereas the JR models have 1105 size motors – these fit different props, btw)
  • the TBS PowerCube has Colibri FC, and built-in OSD with cool features (PID management via TX and OSD)
  • The V2 ESCs are 4-in-1. The V3 PRO ESCs are 2-in-1.
  • The V3 canopy had to be heightened a bit to handle the two 2-in-1 ESCs, so canopies will be different between V2 and V3.

I’ve seen various receivers built onto the Atoms, but I have a RotorX model on my V3, and just soldered an OrangeRx DSMX onto my V2.

They’re super fun, locked in well with pro-developed configs available.


this is just the frame(New) for $30 I would have to piece ever thing else together just don’t want to buy something that will be a headache to build being my first bl build


For the form factor, it lends itself to a stacked component build, so if you go in that direction, you’ll be fine I guess. I’d plan out wiring to the ESCs, and I’m pretty sure I’ve seen builds with ESCs on the arms, so I don’t see any downside to the frame.


@bronco79: In terms of difficulty (aka headache), all versions will be pretty much the same. They’re all a tight micro brushless build, which requires careful planning and judicious placement of electronic components. On the upside, they all have the “standard size” 30.5x30.5mm electronics. So you’ll still have more wiggle room than with something that has 20x20mm electronics. Totally doable, esp. with help here and on RCGroups.

All of the Atom frames are quite reasonably priced. Unless that V2 is available locally without a shipping charge, I wouldn’t decide based on saving $10. I haven’t seen V1 frames for sale recently, but if you check e.g. RC-Drones, the standard pricing appears to be:

$40 for Atom V2 3" frame kit
$40 for Atom V3 3" frame kit
$50 for Atom V3 4" frame kit (just announced pre-order today!)
$80 for Atom V3 5" frame kit (just announced pre-order today!)

Some additional thoughts: The V3 canopy is a few millimeters taller than the V2 canopy. As @burtlo mentioned, this is to accommodate 2x 2-in-1 ESC layers. Regardless of electronics you pick, V3 canopy will give you those few extra millimeters of wiggle room.

Last but not least, I would highly recommend that you use a 4-in-1 ESC, instead of fitting 4x individual ESCs on each of the arms. It’ll make your wiring clean and simple. This will help your sanity for a first brushless build. :wink:


good to know the fc layout is standard 30.5 I was mainly worried about only being able to use the electronics made specifically for the atom I like options. the frame is on Amazon so all together it’ll be more like $50 maybe I’ll wait and get a v3 rtf with my taxes


Definitely good to have choices! With standard 30.5x30.5 mounting, the world is your oyster. Just mix and match according to your personal hardware and firmware preferences. :wink:

I’m personally not a huge fan of the TBS electronics, and would only get them as part of the BNF or RTF package. They are certainly sophisticated, with a number of unique features. However, the TBS electronics were just too fancy for me, and I ended up selling my BNF Atom V2 JR to somebody who could appreciate it better. That said, the RTF Atom package with the TBS Tango offers a fantastic out of the box experience. Truly quick and easy way to get in the air. @burtlo is one of many satisfied RTF Atom customers, the Pro with RX1406 motors in his case.


well I couldn’t help myself went ahead and pulled the trigger on the frame should be here next week😁


Did you go for the V2 or V3? Either way, well done!

That’s my favorite way to start a build. Order the frame and assemble it. There’s nothing like holding it in my hands to see how it feels. If I like the frame, having it in hand also helps me to think about how I want to build it up. If I don’t like the frame, then at least I didn’t order a bunch of unneeded parts for it.


I got the v2 can’t wait til it arrives figured with the great reviews, minus the esc fires, it seems to be really popular I do a lot of flying in my yard so this should be perfect


Update… RotorX is about to release their 5" frame. Here’s a preview:

Of note: 5mm CF; same stack as V3.


Sweeeet where can you get the stack seems like its always sold out still need to figure out the v2 just ordered some emax 1306 4000kv motors for it


No guarantees on availability, but Z06 Tony from http://www.rc-drones.com/ seems to be on the leading edge of shipments and notifications. I believe he was a co-founder of RotorX. He ships from New York.

Nguyen from https://www.airbladeuav.com/ is another co-founder, shipping from Canada.


Nice im in ny myself ill have to take a look there


@burtlo: Just for the record, Tony in Upstate NY had nothing to do with founding RotorX. However, he’s a committed and well-stocked distributor, and without a doubt a very determined salesman. :wink:

RotorX was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia. That is where co-founders Marty (ausmarty), Dan (Worgzy), Andrew (MayMayDay), and Nguyen (AirBladeUAV) were based at the time. Dan moved to HK to oversee production. Not sure about Marty, who spends lots of time on the road.

While I think the original 3" size and upcoming 4" Atom are most promising, I’m curious to see how the 5" Atom will do as well.


Thanks for the History lesson… clarifying Tony’s relation. I’d gotten a major dose of ausmarty at rcgroups.com, but then he got pretty quiet late 2016; they were hustling hard. With as much happening in Hong Kong for them, I was also curious about how Canada fit in.


i just ordered a frame for my next creation from airblade.
they had it mailed same day.


Anytime, @burtlo! I love keeping track of history as it happens under our noses. :smiley: (PS: See some edits above for clarification.)

I’m afraid Marty got driven off RCG by all the BangGood fanboys aggressively defending their shameless cloning business. :frowning: He’s an upstanding and hardworking guy. So he shifted gears and got back to the business of running RotorX.

The other funny connection to Canada is that Chris from Armattan, which is the OEM provider of RotorX’s CF frames, is Canadian as well. No idea how he got from Canada to Taiwan. But somewhere along the way he seems to have picked up a major case of “mean and grumpy.” Too bad, because he’s got a good thing going otherwise. :wink: