Rock Solid: FPV Cameras


I’d like to do some surveys on Rock Solid components. I’m going to create a thread for each type… mind sharing your experience on FPV CAMERAS that have given nothing but AWESOME PERFORMANCE and QUALITY?


Runcam Eagle - best dynamic range
Runcam Night Eagle - unmatched low light capabilities, B&W only

Both have excellent wires and have very solid cases and mounting options.


Micro class: FX798T - great video quality and low light performance
Bigger class: HS1177


For micro builds, Tx02 AIO fpv cam/vtx all day. Strong lightweight and handles low light and transitioning fairly well!

Runcam swift, runcam swift 2 with 2.5mm lens are both amazing for larger builds. All 3 of those are rock solid


I can report a fail on the ef02. Fantastic picture and light handling … cmos sensor crooked to some degree in every one. They don’t look straight ahead. That erks me. Also the lens housing is the weakest of any I’ve seen - I’ve broken quite a few of them slamming into stuff with whoops for goodness sake. Not to mention the reverse polarity on the plug. If you don’t notice that, and use another jst 1.25 power lead - bye bye camera.


I prefer the TX03 and the TX01 to the TX02.

TX02 is 200mw and runs warm.
TX01 is 25mW. 25 is plenty for me most of the time.
TX03 is selectable 0-25-50-200.

The VTX03 is also excellent (just the VTX)
I’m hoping the ATX03 will be excellent. I ordered some recently. They add audio.


the tx03 set to 200 has less penetration and range then the tx02 in my experience.
i like the tx02 and vtx02. I foam cover them and have not had a burn out yet.
They do get toasty and it is getting warmer outside…
lol. :wink:


I will suggest I’ve only owned tx02, (5 of them lmao) but I have got glued mine in many places with no sign of melting, over heating, or anything if that sort. (I always power them off of battery leads (1s 3.7v) if that makes a difference tho. Maybe powering them off of a regulated constant 5v makes them run hot?


no they just run hot.


Interesting… maybe since I’ve had no experience with other aio I am unsure of what hot is and where it gets hot, but I’ve never personally felt much heat radiating from them…


on my end i have always overprotected them,
i have never run them in open air so i don’t know otherwise.


I’m running a TX03 on one of my builds, and have another one on the way for my next one. They do get VERY hot when running in 600mW mode. I like to have the flexability to swap between 25mW (draws 280mA @ 4.2v) when flying around my tiny yard and 200mW (draws 340mA @ 4.2v) when going a bit further. 600mW draws 440mA @4.2v, if you were wondering, but I don’t really use it, I’m afraid of it burning out. Does anyone know what the TX02 draws?


Vtx03 with 1000tvl micro cam. The cam handles low light really well. I can fly up until it’s almost completely dark. 15 bucks on BG but there never in stock. Last order I placed was for 10 of them… I received the last 3 they had.


Brushing the dust off this thread
Now that there’s dozens of higher than 600tvl cameras in the mini to micro form factor, I need to now what’s the best for picking out ghost branches at speed! Looking for 19mm mounting or smaller, for a 2-3in Brushless build.


Surprisingly I felt that my TX02 was better at tiny details than my Runcam Micro Swift 2…

Though the Micro swift handles light changes much much better.

I recently got a Runcam Micro Eagle that Denovich recommended. Haven’t had a chance to fly it yet, but the image looks decent.


That’s good to know about the TX02 stands up to the Micro Swift 2, because I’ve had a TX02 and liked it but destroyed it on a steel rod sticking out of the ground right after sunset.
I wanted the Micro Swift 2 and thought I was getting a good deal and wound up with a Micro Sparrow, 145° FOV even, it was real late at night… I just flew with it around the golden hour at a park I know well. It made me uncomfortable flying into a shaded walking path and not being able to tell if someone was walking down the path. It was just too dark in my goggles to be sure… I’ve flown there later in the evening with a TX02 and it was fine, wouldn’t be till after I take the goggles off I would realize it was dark out.