Rock Solid: Flight Controllers


I’d like to do some surveys on Rock Solid components. I’m going to create a thread for each type… mind sharing your experience on FLIGHT CONTROLLERS that have given nothing but AWESOME PERFORMANCE and QUALITY?


Tinywhoop: Stock inductrix FC / Frsky Beecore
Brushless: The Pico BLX banggood clone


I have to vote down the dsm2 version of the beecore - mine would brown out the receiver as voltage dropped towards the end of the pack. I even had it happen a few times in the middle of a pack on a big punch out. Tried replacing my batteries and it still did it. I gave it away to someone learning who just puts around in comparison to my style of pushing pretty hard. It’s possible that this problem is specific to the dsm version’s radio chip voltage demands and does not affect the frsky model.
As far as other fc applications - I have not had one in the last few years that doesn’t have some kind of issue. Wish I had something to contribute.


Thanks for the input, I’ve heard bad things about the DSM2 version as well, I haven’t had any issues with my Frsky ones. I even used it with 8.5mm motors for a while. :smiley:


Wow I wish I could do the same! I just tried the furibee f3/e010s whoop board on 8.5mm and although it did not blow up - it performed very poorly in comparison to my f1 scisky. It was severely down on power. Not sure if it’s the gate threshold of the fets or power distribution… but I ripped it out for an f1 alien.


I love the Beecore! I must say I didn’t run the 8.5’s on there for very long but I made an 8.5mm whoop by scaling up and remixing the Neatoframes whoop frame, with the notorious QX70 props and I was actually suprised. It wasn’t a ripper, those props were supposed to suck but after shaving some weight off the performance was pretty good, very similar to a regular 6mm whoop. Here is the picture:

6mm to the left, 8.5 to the right. I have an 8.5mm hex whoop on my todo list for a while, because I have all the part laying around but haven’t gotten to it yet… :laughing:


Works of art man!


I’m very happy with the eachine brushed osd f3 board. It uses a mpu6000, betaflight osd, it’s great stuff. Only a tiny bit bigger than the eachine tiny f3 and it’s about 15 bucks.

Pretty happy with the eachine teenycube fc for brushless, tiny little thing again with a mpu6000.

Not happy with my femto fc.

Lemon RX + Eachine DS F3 EVO

For my Graupner MZ 24 pro, I have to use their Alpha 110 flight controllers for micro. The two I have are working well. They are tuneable from the radio and a pc. Last night I ran my Parrot conversion into a light pole full speed and it kept flying. There are connectors for software flash, camera, pads for light that they say is switchable on channel 6. I hacked some superbright LEDs to the front to replace the ones on the board. The pads for the motors are straight forward.
Range? I have not reached the limit in that my fail safe will have it drop out of the sky when it does. It has gone far away as to where I had trouble seeing which way it was going.

It sends back low voltage telemetry by voice at 3.2 volts. It is settable for V threshold.

I tuned one by the manual and the other by a model supplied by them on their site.

I have nothing to compare it to except a Parrot mini wifi/android control.

Being a fixed wing RC pilot, I rate the precision as excellent. But you can use it only with their HOTT radios.


happy with the hobbymate f3 brushed 2s capable works great cost: $20 just picked up a hobbymate f3 brushless micro omnibus 2-3s w osd still building quad, betaflight osd is awesome!


for a BRUSHED FC, i have had nothing but amazing things to say about my v1.0 Multiflite Pico FC. The build quality is superb, i mean truly outstanding. The ease of use and functionality of this FC is top notch, everything is basically plug and play…

As far as reliability goes, this FC has been rock solid from day 1. Highly recommended if you don’t want to fuss with the potential troubles of setting up your own banggood boards…

Yeah, a multiflite pico is double the price of most banggood FCs, but you are paying for quality control, excellent customer service, and an outstanding product overall. I’d pay extra for the peace of mind any day.


Second every word
Top shelf FC’s


How’d that omnibus f3 brushless turn out?
Building w one now, any pointers?


Actually on hold for a 5" build :smile: all the guys I fly with been ragging on me lol but definatley next in line this ones an omnibus f3 also


I have a couple super_s f3 osd FCs, they’re omnibus, 16x16, and awesome. Only 2s though, that part is unfortunate.


Didn’t try a lot of fc boards, but my favorite fc so far is the beecore. First one i bought had a defective receiver but it flew. Other one i fried it when i removed the motor connectors and tried to solder the motors directly to the board (only do that if you master your solderibg iron) But for the rest of the bunch of beecores that i have, they fly awesome. Tried them with 0615, 0716, 0720, 0815 and 8520 motors without any problem at all.