Rip off scammer

Great place to be ripped off. Donate for money for nothing. Micro motor you SUCK

What… ?!?

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@Imraycl MMW has had a few issues sending out orders over the last few months, I guess this a disgruntled customer. Before all this went down Benedikt did state that he was having a few issues with health of family members so I reckon that his priority has been trying to keep his family safe from the deadly pandemic. It may be better to private message and talk about your order


Yeah right…
Here is your order confirmation:

Date 12/08/2019

Sent him 5 support request. RIP OFF

If it’s from Jan/Feb this year onwards, I think that’s explainable. If your order is from August 2019, that’s another matter.

What did you order? Was it sent with any shipping logistics?

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