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RF Explorer anyone?


Gday gents,

as a long-time fan of the RF Explorer, I decided to take include this device into my portfolio and start trading it.
Now, as it is with most manufacturers, you need to place orders of a certain size, otherwise you cannot purchase directly and are asked to buy from a reseller.
However, the RF Explorer is quite a niche instrument, and until now, I failed to collect enough pre-orders to get over the hump of the initial MOQ (minimum order quantity).

The model that Im specifically interested in is the RF Explorer 6G Base, which costs a lot less that the Combo models, but it all you need to analyse the 5.8GHz band we transmit FPV video on.
Here is a little demo of it: (Im using the combo model here, but only the 6G part)

When I get enough buyers together to order the first load, I can place smaller orders in the future, and keep stocking that device.

Regular price for the 6G base is US$225.
If you want to help getting over the hump, Im happy to pass on a big part of the resale margin and offer a pre-order to members of this forum and their friends for $199.

So if you are keen, please reply here and I will put up a purchase link and a discount code!


That price is extremely tempting.

The only reason I have held off is that I have use for more bands and was planning on getting the 6G combo model.

I just read that the 6G base can be expanded with add-in cards to be a 6G combo.


Yes you can install a module into the free slot of the 6G base.
However, I just checked the dealer conditions, and they allow my to order mixed products to reach the minimum order size.
So I could order a 6G Combo for you.
Retail price is $365, I can offer that for $319 as part of a pre-order.
Let me know if thats of interest and I will create a product page.
Also happy to add accessories to the site. (e.g. the rubber sleeve is nice!)


Yes I am definitely interested in ordering the 6G combo from you Benedikt. :grin:
And I also want a rubber sleeve. Had them in my Amazon wishlist but this is better.


Benedikt I can order whenever you are ready. I looked at the site and see the combo model on there.
How do I get the $319 price?
Apologies if I am jumping the gun here - I know you need a certain number of orders to proceed.


Yes, I already added the combo model. Didnt post here yet, because adding the boots was still on the list :wink:
You can see both items on this page:

You can use the code “RFE-preorder” to get a discount on both items.

I cannot tell you a shipping date yet.
I need around 10-15 pre-orders to make it a relatively safe bet for me.

So if anyone else on this forum is keen to Explore the Spectrum, now is the right time to hop onto this band wagon :wink:


I found a couple more friend to chip in on that order.
So if you want one from this per-order, get your ducks lined up in the next days :wink:






Thanks buddy!
Im about to place the order, we got enough folks together :smiley: