Reverse Polarity Explosion, Inductrix FC/FX798T salvageable?

I substituted the battery lead on my inductrix and as soon as I plugged in the battery: :sparkles: :fire: :angry: :rage:
I also had the FX798T soldered to the same battery pads. That’s about $90 worth of damage in one pop.
I had made the pigtail from a micro JST socket. It was a 90 degree socket and I manually straightened the pins with pliers. It looks like I got disoriented and reversed the polarity on it:

Here is the damage:

There is only one visibly destroyed component on each. The FX798T transmitter board fried a component label B6286M which I assume to be some kind of linear voltage regulator. I think this one gave out first causing a short circuit across the (+)(-) leads of the AIO and hence the FC battery leads, causing the yellow component on the inductrix FC to burn.
Can anyone with an inductrix get me that part number? Do you guys think the board is salvageable?

Yellow thing on the inductrix is most probably a tantalum capacitor. I have neither of both here but it might be fixable.
If you are lucky only the voltage regulator parts of both circuits are gone. If someone can figure out what voltage those output and you figure out how to defuse and bypass the burned stuff you can at least figure out whether it’s only the vregs (Most probably some 3.3V / 5V regs).

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Sounds like a good time to buy a BeeBrain!

That sucks @littlrussian, I know that feeling all too well.

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I bought an Inductrix FPV with a blown FC today. The orange/yellow part on the FC is a 22Uf 6.3 volt capacitor, idk about your AIO. I replaced the burned capacitor with a 47Uf 6.3 volt cap I salvaged from a toy quad. I expected this to work and it did, but I’m noticing a considerable increase in power at the motors. The repaired FC is installed in a whoop with identical motors/props/AIO/frame/battery/& weight as my other whoop, I’m not an expert but I believe the higher capacity cap improved the FC enough to notice a difference :thinking:.
The stock capacitor is labeled 226J and the donor capacitor is labeled 476J, I also have a capacitor labeled 476A which I believe is a 47Uf 10 volt… hmmm maybe I’ll try the 10v cap some day and see if it works.